The accident occurred in the evening hours at the Gaziantep-Adana Highway Narlı Mahallesi location. Under the direction of Ensar Erkut, the car with license plate 20 B 0035 crashed into the TIR with license plate 73 SK 854 driven by Abidin M. Ensar Erkut and his brothers Eftal Erkut and Furkan Ali Erkut were seriously injured in the accident.

Upon the notification, a large number of health, fire and gendarmerie teams were sent to the accident site. After the 3 brothers trapped in the car were removed by the firefighters, they were taken to the surrounding hospitals after the first intervention of the paramedics. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, Ensar and Eftal Erkut, brothers, could not be saved and lost their lives. Furkan Ali Erkut, on the other hand, stated that his health condition remains serious. It was learned that Ensar Erkut served in the Yunus team of the Denizli Provincial Police Department.

While the truck driver Abidin M. was detained by the gendarmerie teams, an investigation was launched into the accident.

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