One of the smallest electric cars in the world starts selling in Japan

The Toyota C + Pod was born as a car for private use by municipal governments and companies, but now it goes on free sale to the public in Japan

To the traffic problems of the big cities of any country in the world, in Japan must be added the high population density, but like big problems, big solutions, at Toyota they decided the time is right to put up for sale for private use, the smallest model ever made by this company. Of course, it is a electric car, and so small as to be considered a microcar: his name is Toyota C + Pod.

The car is not new, Toyota has already manufactured it for a little over a year, but its use was reserved for companies or municipalities, that they had to travel at low speed, routes in which it was necessary to have good maneuverability. And in truth, unintentionally or on purpose, the trial throughout 2021 was perfect to check that his chances were really good to be freely traded.

Toyota C + Under EV
Toyota C + Under EV

The C + Pod is 2.94 meters long, 1.29 meters wide and 1.55 meters high. Inside there is only room for two people, each one in an armchair, and behind there is a space to store small objects, like a backpack, a purse, or a grocery bag.

The car moves thanks to a Li-Ion battery 9.06 kWh that feeds a electric motor rear of 12,5 CV, with a torque of 56 Nm. Of course your maximum speed It is not very high, but for a car of these characteristics, the 60 km/h that it reaches, they are left over. For their 670 Kg of weight, moving it is not that hard on the electric motor, so its autonomy is very goodas it can do 150 kilometers with the charge of its batteries.

Interior del Toyota C + Pod
Interior del Toyota C + Pod

Regarding its equipment, Despite looking austere, this little car has much more technology than imagined, What parking sensors front and rear, automatic braking in case of getting too close to obstacles and emergency braking automatic with detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. And as a complement, can function as a 1,500 watt power source power in case of power outages or to give electricity to several devices, both electronic and hand tools.

The small trunk of the Toyota C + Pod
The small trunk of the Toyota C + Pod

For the moment it is not in Toyota’s plans to release the C + Pod for sale outside of Japan, although, seeing that in China There are already similar alternatives such as Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV, and in Europe the Citroën Ami, it would not be a bad strategy to start showing it in other markets before your competitors. At the moment, the Toyota C + Pod is priced at ¥ 1,600.00, which is equivalent to about 13,000 euros in its most equipped version. It is not cheap, but there are no better options for accessing an electric vehicle in Japan.

The car plugs into the home network and fully charges in 5 hours
The car plugs into the home network and fully charges in 5 hours

The way to access a C + Pod is not straightforward. Although Japanese users will be able to purchase it, the operation will be done exclusively through the lease agreements from Toyota vehicle dealers throughout Japan. The factory says that this system allows casual use of the car, at the same time that guarantees a comprehensive collection of vehicles with proactive 3R initiatives (reduce reuse recycle) for your batteries. This is part of the Toyota’s goal of achieving a carbon-neutral mobility society.

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