One more recognition of the contribution of the musicians Carlota Ortega and Nelson Ortiz

One more recognition of the contribution of the musicians Carlota Ortega and Nelson Ortiz

Tribute to the trajectory of Carlota Ortega and Nelson Ortiz from Unesco.

With the 10th Latin American Ama Lo Nuestro Recognition Gala, a new award joins those obtained by the outstanding artists Carlota Eugenia Ortega Sangines and Nelson Ortiz Barrera, in retribution for their contribution to the Ecuadorian staff.

In Cuenca, the City Hall was dressed in solemnity for a tribute to the extensive career of, among others, these virtuous characters. “We share a new triumph on behalf of Learning Cities and the UNESCO World Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). Once again it is an honor to participate in the tenth Latin American recognition gala; and among the 1,600 applicants, obtain the first positions,” Carlota said. “We are not singers. We are instrumentalists, authors and composers, that is, we work within art in all its manifestations, but in certain areas. Our forte is precisely to create music,” she clarified.

The document delivered and addressed to her, qualifies her as follows: “outstanding Ecuadorian artist, civic and identity activist through the creation of school and institutional anthems, possessor of an impressive career, which has classified her as the woman with the highest number of recognitions from Ecuador.”

For his part, Nelson Ortiz spoke of the privilege felt when they were told that they could apply. The achievements achieved previously, during their careers, catapulted them to recognition. “God has given us the talent, not to take it to the grave, but to share it with all the beings around us.”

The document delivered to him attributes qualities as an outstanding artist, an Ecuadorian composer with a great career and success in contributing to music in the province of Loja, who has also stood out for the dissemination of Ecuadorian art and talent,”

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“A letter of introduction, and what differentiates us from others is that we work on a non-profit basis,” Carlota concluded. (YO)

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