One man dies and two are injured in the middle of a shootout in the town of Boquerón in Cabo Rojo

A 41-year-old man died this morning in the middle of a shooting in the town of Anchovyin red capewhich, in turn, left two other people injured.

The assistant director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Mayagüez, Carlos Candelarioexplained to The new day that the incident arose after a fight very close to an apartment area on Highway 607, in the aforementioned place.

“It’s basically two consecutive incidents between multiple people. A fight breaks out and within that fight several detonations arise and as a result of those shots one person dies and two others are injured.”the lieutenant specified by telephone.

According to the complainant, surnamed Rivera, several people were attacking his son with motorcycle helmets, so he intervened to help him, but was attacked. Immediately afterwards, the aggression continued and, in the middle of the struggle, Rivera fell to the ground and several shots were heard. At the moment, it was not clear if it was the complainant or another person who started the detonations.

In the midst of the events, Rivera, 45, received a bullet in his left hand and another man named Bracero, 35, was hit by a bullet in his right arm.

Meanwhile, the third man was identified as Omar Vega Colón, 41 years old and a resident of Toa Baja, who was shot in the face. His death was certified at the Metropolitan Hospital of Cabo Rojo.

One of the injured is from Cataño and the other resides in the Cabo Rojo area. Both, according to Candelario, continue to receive medical assistance, although they are in stable condition.

“They (the injured) have already been identified and are in the process of being treated. We cannot interview them while they are receiving treatment, but they have already been summoned (to appear at the CIC),” the officer said.

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Candelario added that today they will continue to identify possible witnesses to interview and collect evidence in the area of ​​the events.

The Police requested the cooperation of the population to be able to complete the investigation. If you know of any details that may help in the investigation of these facts, please contact us confidentially at (787) 343-2020.

According to the Police, with this crime the number of violent deaths increased to 171 so far this year, which represents 30 fewer cases than those reported for the same date last year.

On a day like today last year, two murders were reported, according to the Headquarters Press Office.



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