Oncologist told how to recognize bowel cancer – Moscow 24, 06/08/2021

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Oncologist Daniil Markarian told what factors indicate the development of intestinal cancer. According to the site “Arguments and Facts”, most often this type of oncology is formed in the large intestine – in the colon or rectum.

“When the colon is affected, it is cancer that develops in the longest part of the colon. Rectal cancer is a malignant lesion of the very last segment of the intestine that ends in the anus,” Markarian explained.

The most likely risk factors are age (the peak incidence occurs at 60–70 years), as well as a history of intestinal polyps or colorectal cancer. In addition, negative conditions represent other forms of cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

According to Markarian, the development of colorectal cancer is possible in the presence of similar diseases among older relatives. In addition, in some cases, the patient’s wrong lifestyle plays a decisive role – obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity.

The specialist referred to the symptoms of bowel cancer as bleeding, the occurrence or aggravation of chronic diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain or changes in the shape of the stool, as well as the development of anemia. Screening is necessary to diagnose a diagnosis, especially if there is a family history or other chronic disease.

Oncologist Mikhail Myasnyankin previously named products that can cause the development of cancer. In particular, the specialist urged to give up fatty and high-calorie foods, as well as foods high in sugar.

According to the doctor, you should also avoid foods contaminated with carcinogens and mineral fertilizers. To improve health, you also need to give up alcohol.


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