Oncologist Brish reveals how sugar actually affects the growth of cancer tumors

Cancer will take over

According to the specialist of the Center in Pesochnoye, the rejection of sweets cannot affect the development of an already diagnosed tumor. That is, even patients with a diagnosis of cancer, doctors do not forbid eating chocolate and sweets if they really want to.

As Nadezhda Brish explained, the metabolism of tumor cells is special – not the same as in healthy cells. To divide more intensively, the tumor cell needs a lot of nutrients. And the faster it divides, the more energy it needs. And where to get it from? Indeed, the simplest and most affordable source of energy is glucose obtained from food. But not only. Other nutrients are also needed, which actually go “in the oven” so that the crop continues to grow.

However, there is a “but”. According to the doctor, simply eliminating glucose from the diet will not help stop cancer. If these consumables are not available, tumor cells will find another one – the rest of the nutrients will go to waste. First, proteins – a sick person will begin to lose muscle mass, his condition will only worsen. Proteins will be followed by fats.

In other words, the less access tumor cells have to glucose, the faster they will switch to an alternative way of obtaining nutrients and energy. And a simple restriction of sweets will not stop them in any way.

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