The Johnny Depp trial sessions against The Sun It is nearing its end, but that does not mean that the confrontation will end soon. In accordance with Deadline, the final verdict could be issued until September (and with the right of appeal). On Tuesday, Amber Heard has positioned herself outside the Royal Courts of Justice of London to deliver a final speech; The 34-year-old actress has declared on the verge of tears that the whole process has been incredibly painful and that all she wants is to get on with her life. Read on for all the details of her release.

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Loved by some, hated mercilessly by others, Amber Heard has been singled out as the villain at the trial of Johnny Depp. Both were married in 2015 and 2017, divorced but brought their stormy relationship to justice; She accused him of domestic violence and he sued her for defamation, demanding $ 50 million. The actor filed another lawsuit, this time against The Sun, to call him “handcuffs beater” in an article published in 2018. The life of both has become a media circus surrounded by lawyers and grueling days of conflict. Although they want to end the matter soon, the end will not come quickly.

The Guardian published the statement of Amber Heard through a video. In the material we can observe the tiredness of the actress and listen to her deliver a long speech in her defense; While speaking, it is impossible not to hear slogans against him and, when he finishes, numerous boos flood the atmosphere, making it clear that the actress is not welcome where she is. Just take a look on Twitter to discover that Amber Heard it has fallen from grace before the users; many DCEU fans don’t want to see her return as Mera in the Aquaman sequel – 73%. You can read Heard’s statement below:

Travel here to the UK to testify as a witness in court. After getting a restraining order in 2016, and finalizing my divorce, I just wanted to get on with my life. I did not file this lawsuit, and despite its importance, I would have preferred not to be here in court. It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakdown of my relationship, to have my truth questioned, and for the most traumatic details of my relationship with Johnny to have been shared in court and disclosed to everyone. I keep my testimony and now I put my faith in British justice. Although I did not file this lawsuit, I am aware of your great resources, and I will be glad to see that those resources will be directed toward more important issues that have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Heard She concludes her message by thanking all the people who have supported her during the long process.

I appreciate the dedication and hard work of the legal defense team, as well as that of my American and British attorneys. I also wish to extend my thanks to the diligent and friendly court personnel, and to the police, who have been sensitive enough to ensure my safety and protection so that I can testify with confidence. And finally my sincere thanks for the incredible support and the many messages I have received from all over the world. You have given me so much strength and now I return it to you. Thank you.

If the verdict of the trial is revealed until September, that means that the confrontation will continue for a long time. At least Johnny Depp and Amber Heard They’ll be able to get some rest from the past few weeks and say goodbye to the courts, at least until they are called back. It is worth mentioning that the trial for US $ 50 million is still ahead. It is undeniable to say that the reputation of both has been damaged in the eyes of the studios, but we can also assure that in the game of social networks and the famous culture of cancellation, Amber is losing and Johnny He is way ahead on the board, with countless fans supporting him.

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