On the abuses of the clergy, truth without prejudice: great blow, dear Zuppi

The signal given by Matteo Zuppi, just elected head of the Italian bishopsi, is new, precise, sensational. For the first time in twenty years, given that with this century the generalized campaign against the sexual abuse of the Catholic clergy started in Boston (2002), a demanding decision by the Church to combat the phenomenon does not appear as a surrender to the secular world. The Church in these two decades has done a lot, it has thinned out the gray area between the care of souls and the self-protection of priests with concrete and pertinent acts, it has made the bishops and the Vatican responsible for a line of listening and favoring denunciation, of open witness and taking charge by the secular justice authorities of the abuses, systemically treated as crimes and not just as sins; the acknowledgments of the scandal are countless, the shameful apologies to the victims by cardinals, bishops and popes, in particular with the appeals for atonement and the meetings with the abused of Benedict XVI; the ecclesiastical actions of rectification of norms, customs and habits relative to the formation of the clergy are not counted, up to the elimination of the pontifical secret decided by Francis.

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