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The Peepshow is the perfect start to Tuesday for gamers who want to learn a bit more about the industry. Boris & JJ are like every week ready to delight you with some interesting news. Today’s Peepshow is largely devoted to PlayStation this time. They held a so-called business talk in which they outlined the plans and prospects for 2022 and beyond. And a number of striking statements were made. Boris & JJ were there like the proverbial chickens to let their minds loose on this subject? What remarkable happened in this meeting and how did the two view it? Check it out quickly in the Peepshow of Tuesday 30 May 2022.

PlayStation has big plans for 2022 and beyond

PlayStation has plans ready for the coming years. And there we found some things that stood out. For example, PC and mobile will play a much more important role in generating revenue. There are also big plans for multiple live service games. And the various IPs need to be converted into movies and TV series. This all seems like quite the change at PlayStation. After all, the DNA has always been making console games. How do the two gentlemen view Jim Ryan’s plans cum suis? Do they have a chance of success? And why is there so much going on? You see and hear it all in the Peepshow.

Twitch is a bit lost

Twitter hasn’t been very busy lately. Viewers are switching to YouTube, they come up with measures that streamers are not cool and recently they also showed their most childish selves. It had something to do with Dr Disrespect and a Fortnite stream. Want to know how deep Twitch sank for a moment? Then quickly hit that Play button. You now know where he is.



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