On June 6, INE will give a message at 11:00 pm; follow him live on Uno TV

The INE prepares the Quick counts and the PREP for the 2021 elections. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The National Electoral Institute (INE) will make its last message at 11:00 p.m. on the national chain, after the polls close for the elections that take place on June 6, 2021, which you can follow in the special transmission that Unotv.com will have that day.

For the special coverage that Unotv.com will have, the best analysts of national journalism will join: Jesús Silva-Herzog, María Amparo Casar, Alejandra Cullen and Luis Carlos Ugalde.

In the meantime, the INE will give another message to the nation:

  • At 8:00 p.m. on the closing boxes

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What is the sanitary protocol for the 2021 elections?

According to OTHER, each one of the people who decides go to the polls To exercise your right to vote in the 2021 elections, you must take into account the following health protocol:

  • The use of face mask mandatory, otherwise people will not be able to access the boxes
  • Upon entering you will be offered gel antibacterial and a disinfectant wipe
  • At no time will there be physical contact
  • Only the access to two voters simultaneously

How to mark the ballot?

  • First identify the different candidates and parties on your ballot so you don’t get confused when making the mark.
  • To vote for a political party you must mark your vote within the chosen box, You can mark it with a cross out, although it is also valid to put a check mark or write a legend that makes the intention of your vote clear, such as the word “yes”.
  • If the candidate of your choice is in a coalition of two or more parties, you can mark all the parties that represent it and in this way, the votes will be distributed among the marked parties, in the same way the vote is valid if you vote for one or some of the parties of the coalition and the vote it goes straight to the candidate you support.
  • In case of independent candidacies You must check the box where the name and emblem of the candidate appear.
  • If you wish vote for an unregistered candidate, at the bottom of the ballot there will be a box for you to write the name.
  • If On the day of the election you decide not to use the markers provided by the INEYou can take a pen or marker with you, you just have to make sure they are permanent.
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When is a vote considered invalid?

  • Leave the blank ballot
  • Mark the entire ballot without leaving a clear definition of the vote
  • Check two or more boxes of parties that are not allied, that is, parties with different candidates
  • Have several legends that do not specify the vote


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