„Omnichannel Readiness Index (ORI) 2021“

“Austrian retail is massively upgrading digital”

How well are the digital channels in Austrian retail interlinked? The trade association, together with Google and MindTake, presented the “Omnichannel Readiness Index (ORI)” for the fourth time. How well are the digital channels in Austrian retail interlinked? Who did their Corona homework and upgraded digitally? How have consumer expectations changed in times of the pandemic? Which retailers best meet these expectations? Answers (among other things) are provided by the new “Omnichannel Readiness Index (ORI)” from the trade association, Google and MindTake.

In times of repeatedly closed commercial transactions wins Omnichanneling, i.e. the art of combining the two channels online and offline in a single purchase process, again in importance. But it also means at the same time an additional challengeAs the study authors of the “Omnichannel Readiness Index 2021 ″ say: How can Relocated services from the stationary area to the web become? With a special focus on corona-related developments, the „Omnichannel Readiness Index 2021” on, how well the digital and analog channels 41 important Austrian retailers interlocked and how these traders have mastered the challenges.

“The crisis has shown how important it is to be able to serve consumers in every situation and age group. That is why three quarters of retailers have upgraded digitally, one third even massively. However, there is still much potential to be exploited. Customers want more communication in advance and can choose from specific purchase modalities. Only 5% of dealers allow it, on the product page questions to the product to be able to ask, two thirds of customers want that, as well as the Callback functionwho are still only from 14% is offered.

81% of consumers want to be able to restrict the products in the web shop to a single branch in order to be able to shop in a targeted manner as if they were live in the store, but only 12% of retailers use their inventory data for such a filter. When can I pick up my goods if I order via Click & Collect, in 30 minutes or in a week? Knowing this before you buy is for three quarters of consumers essential, however, there is a lot of room for improvement in retail, “Accounted for Rainer Will, Managing Director of the trade association, the results of the ORI.

As Will says, those surveyed as part of the Omnichannel Readiness Index Dealer invested enormously In all areas, from customer services in the branches and in the online shop to analytics, to – of course in the Corona year – investments in visibility, SEO and digital marketing in the fight for the digital favor of consumers.

90% of the retailers surveyed now use CRM data for personalized advertising and almost two thirds rely on programmatic marketing. More than half rely on additional sales channels. Marketplaces such as Shöpping, Kaufdaheim, Amazon or Zalando are named here, but also product finders and price comparison platforms such as Google Shopping, Idealo, Geizhals or Ladenzeile.

According to the dealer survey, the use of the two online-to-store products from Google is also remarkable: Local Inventory Ads (used by 57% of the dealers surveyed) show the store inventory in the search engine, local campaigns (used by 41% of the dealers surveyed) enable the “Branded Pin” on Google Maps, ie the “pin” with the company logo.

“The Growth in e-commerce and is in the online research strongly driven by older internet userswho have shopped online for the first time in the past few months. 90% of these so-called “silver surfers” (older than 55 years) plan to continue doing this after the crisis. Another reason for all Austrian retailers to sustainably expand their online presence, ”says Judith Dobretzberger, Retail Lead Google Austria.

Corona as a driver of innovation: 93% of retailers have introduced or planned new services

As the ORI shows, the customer-oriented services expanded – “born out of necessity and with a lot of creativity “, as the study authors say: Corona (Care) parcels, contactless pick-up, payment and delivery options, appointments for Click & Collect, advice via video call or live chat from the branch, scan & Go, Call & Collect, free delivery in lockdown and guaranteed delivery time windows for people in quarantine just a few of the numerous new services.

The top customer requests

The Consumer wishes have themselves in the crisis year less changed than could have been assumed. That is still extremely important Free delivery, a reliable one even in times of crisis Indication of opening times, the direct telephone contact to the branch via the branch finder in the webshop and / or Google Maps, the check of the Availability of goods in the branch, one convenient product search with filters, transparency in the purchase process and maximum flexibility for collection, delivery, payment and returns.

“Consumers are looking for proximity to the retailer – a desire with potential”

A significant increase by +14% According to ORI, this can be found in the live chat, which is what they want now 32% of consumers in order to be able to get in contact with their dealers. But not only in this way: Two thirds of consumers would like to be able to ask questions about the product on the product page, only 5% of retailers offer this. Also the Callback request is one of the trade largely unfulfilled wish.

The ORI 4.0 discrepancy analysis reveals further potential: A technically relatively easy to implement service that every third customer wants: Den Share shopping cart via email or social media – this service none of the dealers offer im Set.

It is more complicated but with enormous potential Consumer desire, the exact day of delivery to know beforehand. This is important for 80%, but only 17% of dealers negotiated the service accordingly with their respective last-mile logisticians. Increased picking from the store should also be considered by retailers, because three quarters of consumers expect to know when the Click & Collect goods are ready to be picked up – and that before the order is placed.

The overall winner

The ORI overall victory did this year Obi again secured, the twin shops Kastner & Öhler and Gigasport achieve only one percentage point less. The Omnichannel Readiness Index also produces category winners. Thalia, for example, achieved the full 100% in the area of ​​“Channel Integration”. The bookseller is therefore best-in-class and state-of-the-art in the omnichannel premier class: Maximum flexibility in the purchase process, completely independent of the distribution channel and seamlessly, click & collect, reserve & collect, return of goods ordered online in the Branch, pick-up stations for 24/7 pick-up, quick provision of Click & Collect goods, and always free of charge.

ORI industry winner:

  • Living, furnishing, home improvement & gardening: Obi (81%)
  • Leisure & sport: Gigasport (80%)
  • Generalists: Kastner & Öhler (80%)
  • Books & paper supplies: Thalia (74%)
  • Computer & Electronics: Media Markt (73%)
  • Fashion & Accessoires: Peek & Cloppenburg (73%)
  • Drugstore: Bipa (72%)
  • Grocery retail: Billa (72%)

ORI Kategoriesieger:

  • Transparency & trust: Decathlon (84%)
  • Personalization, loyalty and sharing: dm drogerie markt (81%)
  • Flexible contact options: Kastner & Öhler, Gigasport (86%)
  • Payment, Fulfillment & Returns: Kastner & Öhler, Gigasport (84%)
  • Guide to the branch: Interspar, Hartlauer (99%)
  • Channel Integration: Thalia (100%)