The sale of Newcastle has put that of OM back on the table. Denied by McCourt, it would be on the table according to Thibaud Vézirian, while explaining that the process that is happening in England has nothing to do with what could happen in Marseille.

“The PIF has nothing to do with OM? Indeed, the Saudi investment fund that buys Newcastle has nothing to do with the process that there is in Marseille, the restructuring. Will the PIF buy back OM and Inter as the Italian press says? It’s a tweet from tuttomercatoweb. You should know that tuttmercatoweb is Tuttosport, Tuttosport is Saudi money in particular. So it is often they who provide information on desires, investments, Saudi negotiations. They are often well informed.

There it is tuttomercatoweb which tells us that after having bought Newcastle, the investment fund could be linked to clubs like Inter or OM. I’m not the one saying it. On that, we can say that Inter is Suning, the Chinese, but behind that there is Softbank. And if you make the economic connection, Softbank is Saudi Arabia. So yes, Saudi Arabia may already have more than a foot on the side of Inter, which are in serious financial difficulty. And we could see some formalization combos in the months to come. We can see the emergence of the Saudis in world football on several levels “, has explained Thibaud Vézirian on his YouTube channel.

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