OM: Nuno Tavares agace Di Meco

OM: Nuno Tavares agace Di Meco


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Capable of the best and the worst, Nuno Tavares (23 years old, 22 games and 6 goals in L1 this season) is divided on the side of Olympique de Marseille. One thing is certain, the Portuguese left-back will find no comfort in Eric Di Meco.

“The big problem with him, and I had identified it from his first games, is that he has too big defensive gaps to be a defender. On the other hand, he is not strong enough offensively and has too many rubbish to be an attacker. Even in the central three system used by Igor Tudor, which is the only one where he can play, you have to be vigilant on his side”, judged the former player of the Marseille club for La Provence.

“I didn’t see him progress even though he had a lot of playing time and came on loan from Arsenal for the image of Saliba who became an OM international. He always the same faults and the same qualities as at the start of the season, and when the level goes up a notch like against Paris, Tottenham or Frankfurt, he disappears, added Di Meco. He is annoying lately. How to think otherwise when we see how he recovers when he loses the ball. He is young and has great potential but he will have to progress in all areas.”

According to the latest news, OM should not position themselves for a transfer in the off-season (see the news at 10:07 a.m.).

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