OM: Bordeaux supporters still cannot digest – Season

The victory of OM in Bordeaux (0-1) is still difficult to pass for some. Sunday, on the set of Telefoot, not happy to be skeptical about the positioning of Pau Lopez, Bixente Lizarazu blurted out on this match: “These 44 years of invincibility end with a global pandemic”. You can find the video footage in the debriefing.

At the start of the week, it is the Bordeaux supporters of the Ultramarines who follow suit: “History will remember that we had to wait for a global pandemic, a completely decimated Bordeaux team, the scandalous complicity of the LFP and a closed door for Marseille to win in our stadium. And again, by the smallest of the margins , on a personal blunder, and at the end of a football parody. In the end, we would have preferred a defeat to the fair, during an electric match in a hectic stadium “. A rewrite of the story taken from a press release addressed to management, where it is recognized a paragraph later than a “defeat was avoidable, other than by postponing the match”. We should know.

As a reminder, Bordeaux were unable to frame a shot in the first period while the team’s attacking elements, Elis, Hwang and Dilrosun were in full possession of their means, not having missed the club’s last matches. against Brest or Lille. Costil’s blunder was largely made up for by the decisive saves in the second half. Something to smile about, and remind the people of Bordeaux that there were some electric matches in a high-voltage stadium, but it was not fair for all that, as with the refereeing of Mr. Varela in 2015. And he did not. there had been no statement of indignation behind …



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