The XXI edition of the Asturias Cup, proves that it is traditionally celebrated the day before the great Descent of the Ria de Navia, is the perfect date that no swimmer wants to miss, since it gives a great vision of what the competition of the next day will be like , which starts today at 6:30 p.m. After the forecasts of what was seen yesterday, two are the names that resonate above the rest: Rob Muffels and Sharon Van Rouwendaal. Both won in their respective individual events of 7,500 meters each to reach the finish line.

In the men's test, Muffels, in force World Bronze Absolute in 10 km. Open Waters, and current Open Water World Champion by teams in Gwangju 2019, stopped the clock at 01:16:31, although the arrival was very close to the Spaniard Pol Gil, since they were separated by millimeters of a second. "I knew that Muffels was faster than me and I should have squeezed before in the final stretch, but the truth is that I am very happy. Tomorrow I will try to win," Gil said after melting into a hug with the German out of the water. "It is the fourth time that I do the Descent and I tried to make an intelligent race because I knew the currents", detailed the winner of the test. For its part, with a time of 01:18: 28 Gaspar Andrade crossed the finish line as third place and completing the third box of the podium.

In the women's individual category, Sharon Van Rouwendaal, current Rio 2016 Open Water Olympic Champion, won the gold after stopping the stopwatch 01:21: 29. A second later, the German Finnia Wunram, who was in the lead for the most part After the development of the race, he took second place after passing the Dutch in the final sprint. "I tried to withstand the currents, but I should have accelerated more in the end, although I was very close. I am very happy and looking forward to tomorrow's descent," Finnia said after reaching the finish line. On the other hand, the third place that completed the podium went to the Spanish Andrea Domínguez Casabella, of the Spanish team, who did a time of 01:28:49. A minute later, Luisa Mar Morales Gil, from the Granollers swimming club, took fourth place.

As for the novelty of this edition, 16 teams fought for the podium in the new mixed team relay category. The first place was taken by the Spanish Open Water Team, made up of Aitor Fernández, Diana Serantes and Estel Xuan Galo, where the three swimmers traveled 2.5 kilometers each to complete the 7,680 meters of the entire test. The winning team stopped the stopwatch at 01:41:58.



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