Guduric stood out for Fenerbahçe with 26 and 8 of 12 triples

22 points from Sloukas and 17 from Vezenkov

Flares in the stands and attempted pitch invasion

Final, 84-72Olympiacos reaches the Final Four and will expect a rival: the winner of tomorrow’s Monaco-Maccabi

Vezenkov scores and then Motley in transition, 84-72

Motley basket near the hoop, 82-70

Then Sloukas also fails

Min 39McKissic and Vezenkov fail with triples

Free throws for McKissic, who scores both, 82-68

Eliminated Guduric for the previous technique and the unsportsmanlike technique

And the entrance was behind

Guduric unsportsmanlike because McKissic was the last attacker

The referees will review the action on video, it seems that both players are recovering

Very hard fortuitous impact between Guduric and McKissic

Olympiacos runs out of possession

Dorsey fault the outsider

Min 39Falla el triple Papanikolaou

Min 39Falla el triple Papanikolaou

Agoniza Fenerbahce

Min 38Triple Edwards fails

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New timeout for Itoudis

Vezenkov responds with quick transition, 80-66

Edwards scores two free kicks and cuts back, 78-66

Min 38Time-out

8 of 12 triples Guduric, and that does not allow him to win for his team

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Guduric triple, who goes to his, 78-64

Lack of Calathes that ends up eliminated

Min 37Barre Vezenkov a shot from Fener that touched the hoop

Vezenkov’s basket after Sloukas’ pass, 76-61

Lleva siete triples Guduric ya

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Guduric triple that keeps his team alive, 74-61

McKissic scores the additional, 74-58

Two plus one from McKissic beating Edwards

Min 36Calathes scores layup at the possession buzzer, 71-58

Itoudis timeout

Olympiacos caresses the Final Four

Min 35Vezenkov scores from midrange, 71-56

Sloukas scores with penetration again, 69-56

Loss of Fall under the rim

Min 33Scores on the run Carsen Edwards, 67-56

Vezenkov basket with a long layup, 67-54

Min 32Calathes fault of three

He had previously scored two Motley free kicks, 65-54

Walkup attack foul

Falta de Papanikolaou defending Pierre

Min 31Papanikolaou doubles that stopped and fell in the middle of the Greek attack

End of the third quarter, 65-52Olympiacos has kept the Turks at bay and in the final stretch has given another small boost, led again by Sloukas

Falla Guduric el triple final

Sloukas scores the extra, 65-52

Two plus one from Sloukas, who is deciding, 5 seconds from the end of the quarter

Falla Edwards

Carsen Edwards Dress

Olympiacos maintains possession for a challenge won after a ball out of bounds

Miss Sloukas triple now

Guduric’s fifth triple

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Guduric triple in one against one, 62-52

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Fener timeout

Min 29Sloukas basket with layup, outpacing Motley, 62-49

The shot of three Dorsey fails, which calls for a foul

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Calm attack by Olympiacos that Sloukas resolves with a triple front, 60-49

Fener loss

Motley gets a block, then Vezenkov’s attacking foul is called

Min 28Canaan misses the three dotted shot

McKissic fails but retains possession Olympiacos

Min 27Motley scores overcoming pressure from Olympiacos’ underdogs, 57-49

Bartzokas timeout

Loss on a pass from Sloukas to Fall

Motley tray, 57-47

Papanikolaou layup, great off-ball game for Olympiacos, 57-45

Min 26Hayes fails, bad shot that does not touch the hoop

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Fall’s continuation dunk, 55-45

Fall’s foul on Hayes who was advancing towards the basket. Free shots

lack of canaan

Min 25The triple de Papanikolaou is on sale

17 puntos para Guduric

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Guduric’s triple, oxygen for Fener, 52-43

Pap smear

Dorsey misses the two shot

Canaan misses the shot of two

Dorsey scores one, 52-40

Foul on Dorsey who was trying a little bomb

Min 24Lack of walkup away from the ball

Falla Falla search for the aro

Vezenkov scores the technical free throw, 52-39

With technique to the bench, in addition

A struggle between Hayes and Walkup that ends with a foul by the first


He scores the additional and then Guduric misses a precipitous triple


Two plus one from Vezenkov receiving a back door

Palmeo de Motley, 48-39

Papanikolaou basket in penetration with reverse, 48-37

Problems for Fener’s attack

Dorsey misses at half turn

Walkup foul on Motley

Min 22Vezenkov layup fails

Pierre misses the triple, Motley rebounds and scores on a long shot, 46-37

Falla scores both, 46-35

Min 21Fenerbahçe scores, then Fall is fouled on a layup attempt. Free shots

Rest, 44-33Olympiacos has mastered the physical part and has played with more rhythm and determination. McKissic has been revulsive coming off the bench but key Sloukas

Dorsey scores both, 44-33

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Lack of Peters in defense on Dorsey. Free shots

Sloukas scores both and Olympiacos’ maximum grows, 44-31

Foul by Kostas Antetokounmpo on Sloukas

The decision stands, ball for Olympiacos

The action will be reviewed because the ball went out of bounds with doubts about who touched it last

McKissic robbery, great pressure from the Hellenes

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McKissic 3-pointer, shot well, 42-31

Calathes fails triple

Min 19Partial of 10-0

Peters scores both, 39-31

Third personal of Calathes, who is still on track

Foul on Peters on an offensive rebound with attempted tap. Free shots

Calathes misses a rare hook shot

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Itoudis timeout

What kind of Sloukas to generate in the last possessions !!

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Sloukas triple shot at the buzzer, incredible with a great one-on-one, 37-31

Hayes Davis fails the little bomb

Black fails both

Free kicks for Black

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Foul on Black after Sloukas’ gran pass

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Plug from Papanikolaou to Guduric

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Itoudis timeout

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Black’s dunk that was left alone in a static attack under the ring, 34-31

Min 17Guduric Rift of Three

Sloukas scores the extra, 32-31

Min 16Sloukas basket in a great penetration with contact

Guduric scores both, 29-31

Black foul to Guduric. of the shots

Falla Black in a continuation

The Jekiri shot fails, unbalanced at the end of time

Min 15Tapon from Black to Guduric

Write down one of the two, 29-29

Free kicks for Hayes

Bad actions by Larentzakis who goes to the bank

Unsportsmanlike foul by Larentzakis in a strong defensive action

Falla el triple Larentzakis

The McKissic triple fails and then Larentzakis loses it. Edwards scores on the other hoop, 29-28

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Guduric triple, with a hand in front, incredible, 29-26

Min 14Foul on Hayes after rebound after Guduric’s failure in triple

Fall scores both now, 29-23

Free throws for Fall

Edwards fails, McKissic runs and Fall receives another foul after rebounding and dunk attempt

Fall fails both free

Missing from Motley to Fall who was about to score. Free shots

Min 13Make Guduric the bombite

Sloukas layup, 27-23

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Min 12Guduric triple, who has three of three already, 25-23

What McKissic scores, 25-20

With additional free kick

McKissic scores on fast break, 24-20

Misses the shot of two Edwards

Lack of Sloukas in attack, in a one-on-one with Vezenkov

Basket of two by Carsen Edwards, 22-20

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Plug from Fall to Guduric

Larentzakis scores both, 22-18

Dorsey foul

Foul on the shot by Larentzakis, free throws

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Min 11Guduric triple to start the fourth, 20-18

Mike Brown, coach of the Kings, in the stands watching the game

End of the first quarter, 20-15Tension, nerves and a lot of atmosphere, with Olympiacos dominating thanks to the success of their references, Vezenkov, Papanikolaou…

Write down the additional, 20-15

Dos más uno de Papanikolaou

Lack of Calathes, not yet in bonus

Many nerves now in the attacks

Motley fault of three

Walkup misses the shot of three in a bad attack by Olympiacos

Dorsey misses the corner kick

Min 9Convert Walkup penetrating to below the rim, 17-15

Min 8Dorsey scores in individual action, 15-15

Lack of Walkup

Walkup misses the shot for three

Pierre misses the shot of three

Walkup responds, stepping on a line of three, 15-13

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Guduric triple from the corner, 13-13

Canaan’s blunder under the rim after Walkup theft

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Min 7Walkup loss on a very risky pass

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Triple de Dorsey, 13-11

Loss now of Vezenkov in the attempt to post Hayes

Min 6Walkup Robbery

Canaan misses the shot for three

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Calathes fails triple

Min 5Vezenkov misses the hoop shot

Jekiri’s attack foul, in a block. Canaan had previously been singled out on defense and there has been some compensation now

Vezenkov scores with post action, 13-8

Hayes scores both, 11-8

The game is stopped to warn that lasers are not used in free kicks

Free kicks for Hayes

Foul by Vezenkov, unceremoniously by not allowing an easy basket under the ring

Papanikolaou layup on receiving lob pass near the rim, 11-6

Notes Jekiri overcoming Fall, 9-6

Fall tray that is marking this start of the game, 9-4

Jekiri scores from two to four meters, 7-4

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Min 3Triple de Papanikolaou from the corner, 7-2

Fener opens with layup from Calathes, 4-2

Canaan layup with great pass from Fall, 4-0

Walkup triple fails but there is a rebound from Vezenkov. the flag roars

Calathes foul on Fall on a rebound

Min 2Jekiri fails in the last ring, intimidated by Fall

Fenerbahçe’s first triple fails, then also fails with Vezenkov bombilla

Min 1Papanikolaou layup with powerful penetration, 2-0

jump startFirst possession for Olympiacos

20:30For Fenerbahce come Calathes, Dorsey, Pierre, Hayes and Jekiri

20:29Referee Juan Carlos García González as principal

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20:28Defined initial five. Walkup, Canaan, Vezenkov, Panaikolaou and Fall leave for Olympiacos

20:26Time for team presentations

20:26Second season in a row with fifth playoff game in Piraeus. Last time Olympiacos won after beating Monaco, in a match that ended with an invasion of the track by the local fans

20:22Olympiacos has marched as the leader of the regular phase during the final part of the season. Fenerbahçe qualified in the last days for the playoff

20:18The other semifinal will face Barça and the winner of Madrid-Partizan (tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.)

20:15The team that wins today will face the winner of Monaco-Maccabi, which will be played tomorrow, in the semifinals of the Final Four.

20:10In Istanbul, the fourth game was won by Fenerbahçe in a final shooter’s duel between Pierre and McKissic. The third had been won by Olympiacos with a triple at the buzzer of Sloukas

20:08Maximum expectation in Piraeus, the coastal city near the Greek capital. Olympiacos sources said that there were requests to fill a venue with 80,000 spectators

20:07This is where the second team for the Final Four will come from after Barça qualified, which ended their series with Zalgiris 3-0

20:06Good evening and welcome to the narration of Olympiacos-Fenerbahçe, the fifth game of the Euroleague quarterfinal playoff that starts at 8:30 p.m. in the Pavilion of Peace and Friendship in Piraeus

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