Olivier Schär: “We will have to protect 40% of the earth’s surface”

It was by losing a boot in the mud while herding cows in the Franches-Montagnes, at the age of 7, that Olivier Schär understood the importance and power of nature for the human being as for the economy. Having become a biodiversity consultant, the 40-year-old now advises companies that want to measure their impact on nature. And provides them with solutions to reduce this footprint, an essential necessity to continue to benefit from the services that nature provides us, for example by providing free materials and drinking water or through pollination and the regulation of regional climates. Olivier Schär, whose blog is hosted by Time, explains why a company like McDonald’s “consumes” an area of ​​land equivalent to Swiss territory each year and how to reduce this “biodiversity footprint”.

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