Very curious this very recent scoop of the WHO. A vaccine against malaria is suddenly available … Developed by an English laboratory, its massive and rapid deployment is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Even before the Covid-19 episode closed, even though its multiple vaccines appeared premature, uncertain and doubtful, contested by many in the West, could not prosper in African soil because of the ‘caution of our populations , here is that the agents of the world vaccine order come back to the load.

With the blunt argument of the extraordinary discovery adapted to the biggest public health problem of this Africa which has remained unabashedly rebellious to the anti-covid vaccine.

The cradle of humanity, despite its many problems and turpitudes, remains faithful to one of its fundamentals which is respect for the principle of the sacredness of nature and of life. The contemporary information society has had the benefit of informing this Africa in a massive way about the misdeeds and malignancies that it has been subjected to in the past as well as about the subtle perils which, like a sword of Damocles, hover over it. present and its future. Sometimes revealed by other Western actors, this information revolves around the less and less questionable ideas below.

A few occultist offices and cenacles of great global influence in the various political, economic, social and diplomatic spheres are secretly working to establish a new world order in accordance with their vision and representation of the planet. They have, for the world, a hidden agenda globally centered on a post or even transhumanist order, deeply anti-God.

&. This agenda aims at the subtle reduction of the world demography, and therefore African, given as dangerously dynamic and perilous for the West and the planetary ecosystem.

&. It also aims to control and strictly regulate the world population through the biotechnological tool represented by the digitization of the human cognitive system. Starting from the human towards the post and the transhuman, the new global citizen that we would like to format as a computer medium, precisely via mass vaccination, should carry digital protocols allowing it to be manipulated and oriented in the desired direction. by the times.

His thoughts, his emotions, his aspirations could thus be tele-directed and tele-influenced in a uniform perspective, like the historical episode of the famous Tower of Babel, of which some know the ambitions and old aims already to challenge the Very -High. Certainly, we are not far from the Promethean myth.

It would then be necessary to be ready to undergo the multiple evils resulting from the famous, Pandora’s box of Zeus, in a world already greatly tormented by multifaceted crises. Evils which, moreover, would be intensified by the failings of a civilizational paradigm determined to promote and impose the deviant phenomena of LG BT, Transgender, pedo-zoonecrophiles representing so many inevitable factors of civilizational decline. This is neither acceptable nor bearable. The whole world must pull itself together.

WHO cannot, in the midst of the twenty-first century, envisage, without the slightest communication or the slightest precaution, attempting to embark Africa on such an adventure, camouflaged in this new rapid vaccination campaign under all the pretexts invoked.

With this reference from the Scriptures prescribing “to be gentle as doves but prudent as serpents”, my firm recommendation to the African brothers is to remain in the prudence, the vigilance, and the intercession with regard to the present subject. We have been able to resist malaria so far and must not succumb to any rush.

To an extreme extent, a rigorous and in-depth evaluation of the announced vaccine, by committees of African experts, sworn in and with integrity, seems to me a prerequisite for any appropriation of an additional product primarily intended for our children, and therefore, determining for the future of a continent with so much coveted wealth.

God protect and bless Africa.

Olivier BILE The Liberators.

The evening

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