Oliver Pocher loses patience because of Anne Wünsche: “Exactly the same with Senna”

Anne Wishes was once again the subject of Oliver Pocher’s “Screen Control”. Photo: oliverpocher / instagram

Oliver Pocher loses patience because of Anne Wünsche: “Exactly the same with Senna”

The quarrels between Oliver Pocher and influencer Anne Wünsche apparently never end, the comedian has been dealing with the mother of two for various reasons for about a year. He criticizes, for example, how she markets her children or accuses her of having bought followers. He also accused her of stealing one of her designs from Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch”.

Ultimately, Anne was even named “Frying Pan of the Month” in Pocher’s “Screen Control”, but there was no discussion in this context. Now the 43-year-old has gone up one more time in the latest edition of his video format and made a clear announcement.

Pocher with Senna-Gammour comparison

First of all, Oliver Pocher once again addressed Anne Wünsches cookbook project and made fun of the fact that the books only contain one recipe – the rest of the work has to be filled out by buyers themselves. But that wasn’t enough, because afterwards he came back to the “frying pan of the month”, which he still couldn’t hand over to the influencer. “Yesterday was the last attempt, or another attempt“, he stated annoyed.

So far, Anne Wünsche has avoided a direct confrontation with Oliver Pocher. Image: screenshot instagram

After careful consideration, Anne Wünsche backed down and stated in her Instagram story: “We still have an ongoing legal process. Because with the lie that I had bought followers and likes, Mr. Pocher had a huge wave a year ago kicked off, which continues to this day. ” She further railed: “And now I am supposed to follow him because he is publicly asking me to come live.”

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Pocher’s plan had been to virtually give her the “Frying Pan of the Month” and receive Anne’s “Cucumber of the Month” in return, but the influencer again declined his offer. This in turn led the entertainer to a comparison with “Let’s Dance” participant Senna Gammour, with whom he has also had beef for quite a while:

Oliver Pocher keeps the offer up

In fact, Pocher Anne offers several times the opportunity for a personal conversation, as he clarifies in the “screen control”. Frustrated, he recapitulates: “You have all the options, we offered you. Last year we wanted to do a fitness session with you. We invited you to ‘Pocher vs. Influencer’, we tried several times. But at some point it is exhausting. “

His bitter conclusion is ultimately: “If you don’t want to, I can’t keep doing it forever. I don’t really give a shit now, just as I don’t give a shit about your life.

On the occasion, the moderator mentioned again that Anne made a lot of mistakes in his opinion. “And you always present yourself as a victim, one mustn’t forget that now. You also screwed up a lot of shit.” And further: “It’s not that I was putting the pressure on all the time. There are also others, when I’m not there, who give you one or two shit storms – but not without good reason either.

Nevertheless, Pocher is still ready to talk. “You are not forced to do anything, we can have a conversation at any time,” he affirmed. The father of five speculated that it might work the next time he is in Berlin for work. In any case, then he will seek contact again.

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