Oliver Pocher (43) and Michael Wendler (49) will no longer be best friends in this life. For several years now, the comedian and the musician have been giving each other side swipes on a regular basis. Wendler’s wife Laura Müller (21) is often targeted by Pocher. This is also the case in the latest episode of his podcast “Die Pochers hier!”. Together with his wife Amira Pocher (29), the 43-year-old pulls over Müller and Wendler.

The trigger for the nasty blasphemy attack was the surprising Instagram sellout by Laura Müller. The 21-year-old sold her luxury handbags from Louis Vuitton there, some of which she had received as a gift from husband Michael Wendler. “Does she really want to do something good for her fans with her bags – where I wouldn’t even say whether they’re all real – or are the jobs, the money and everything else in short supply?” Asks Pocher.

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