OL: the new press release from John Textor, who wants to reassure Lyon supporters in the face of criticism

OL: the new press release from John Textor, who wants to reassure Lyon supporters in the face of criticism

While the situation at OL is tense on and off the pitch, Lyon manager John Textor called for calm to try to get the Rhone club out of the crisis.

Nothing is going well at OL. Penultimate in Ligue 1 and looking for a first victory this season, Les Gones must also deal with the behind-the-scenes war between Jean-Michel Aulas and John Textor. In turn, the honorary president and the owner did not send flowers. Enough to leave the supporters speechless, who are witnessing the slow downgrading of their club. Faced with their concerns, whether from a sporting point of view or on a disappointing transfer window and constrained by the limits imposed by the DNCG, John Textor wanted to ease the tensions.

“The financial health regulators in football, the DNCG, challenged us to execute our business plan in an austere manner, as was necessary to restore our foundations which had been badly damaged after three years of sporting disappointments and reduced income”, begins the owner of OL, before developing.

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“We are working hard to advance the interests of OL”

If he says he is not satisfied with starting his “managerial mandate with spending limits” during this first summer transfer window, John Textor faces the “current reality”. “The DNCG decisions may seem painful, but their concerns for the financial health of our club are certainly justified. With the DNCG decisions behind us, I can sincerely say that we work perfectly together, and their role in financial oversight of our club has already allowed us to position ourselves towards a more promising future for the club. We are better off, because we have gone through this painful process”, underlines the American businessman, who works dir “to advance the interests of Olympique Lyonnais in very unusual circumstances.”

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With the arrival of Paul Akouokou, Lyon have recorded eight arrivals since the start of the transfer window for a total of 17.5 million expenses. In the direction of departures, nine players have left the ship, in addition to three end of contract. OL recorded 107 million euros in revenue.

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