O’Hawaii, the new gourmet project of the tireless Nathalie Donkerwolke

Nathalie Donkerwolke undoubtedly belongs to these resourceful and difficult women…

Nathalie Donkerwolke undoubtedly belongs to these resourceful and hard-to-stop women. She was also seen during the municipal election on the list of ex-socialist Alain Soubiran, she is chairman of polling station number 8 and occasionally assists the town hall team, whom she met during solidarity actions or commemorations. “The mayor did not hold it against me that I presented myself on a list opposite his, she confides, and we share the same values ​​in addition to being talkative.”

The O’Hawaii restaurant is launching its special Pink October casserole, 1 euro of which will be donated to a breast cancer research association.


Covid idea

“Lately I was a medical secretary at the Villeneuve laboratory and between two contracts I replaced a friend in the cafeteria of the Villeneuve-sur-Lot health center”, she says as she sits in her restaurant O’ Hawaii. This short experience in catering pleases him enough, without generating a vocation at the time. We finally opened this new business thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, an illness that Nathalie Donkerwolke contracted last December: “I was so tired that I could no longer cook for my family and we delivered a few days late, she recalls. The more we ordered, the more I told myself that there was not much choice and that the suggestions were repetitive. »

At this time, her contract with the lab ends and she receives a performance bonus. Small contribution was quickly invested in this premises in the rue de Paris, “unrecognizable, eh? », Welcome the now restaurateur whose business opened on September 19. She apologizes for not having her eyes open enough, and explains that hours of sleep are rare commodities these days. “I did all the work with my children until Sunday evening, and we opened on Monday,” laughs the mother of five girls and boys aged 5 to 23.

O'Hawaii also offers sandwiches and pastries and desserts.

O’Hawaii also offers sandwiches and pastries and desserts.


Family solidarity, united family

The siblings pitched in to repaint and redecorate the restaurant (on a budget of around 8,000 euros) to help their mother on opening day. “And luckily,” says Nathalie Donkerwolke, who initially planned to keep this new business alone. But a queue forms in front of the restaurant every lunchtime and around thirty poke vans leave every day. We also do not return orders from 4:00 pm visitors with empty stomachs… So his son helps him in the kitchen to honor all orders for Hawaiian bowls. Not to mention the sandwiches and pastries, the orders from suppliers, the trial and error of the beginning, and the activity of liberal secretary that the entrepreneur continues to practice.

None of this dampens the cook’s mood. “I absolutely want the fish to be fresh daily and we don’t have an official fish farmer yet… But for the moment we are getting there. And if there is any left over, we make “Tata vans”. Tata, named after the neighbor’s cat. Tata trays, made from leftover fish and chicken, are handed out for Villeneuvois pets at the end of service.

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