Nintendo Switch may soon meet a price cut, through a rearrangement of the Nintendo console offer on the market, on the occasion of the release of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, which should lead to a lowering of the price of the standard model, let’s see how much it could cost.

Currently, Nintendo Switch YOU ARE it is expected to arrive on the market at a price of 349 euros, therefore it would be only 20 euros more than the original version (which costs 329 euros in the list, obviously except for offers and discounts), perhaps a somewhat uncomfortable placement for a version that is destined to be outclassed by the new model.

It is therefore very likely that the standard Nintendo Switch can pass at a price lower, therefore going to be placed on a lower cost range that would justify its purchase more than Nintendo Switch OLED, also with a view to running out of stocks on sale.

According to reports from Nintend’Alerts, based on sources within the French market, the new standard Nintendo Switch price could be 270 euro, at least as far as France is concerned, but official prices should be equalized among European countries.

In this case, it would be the first real price cut official for Nintendo Switch, which has never run into such an initiative (always talking about official prices) from launch in 2017 to today, with the release of Nintendo Switch Lite to cover a lower price range but commensurate with the machine of different type.

A difference of 80 euros would more justify the purchase of the standard Nintendo Switch even in the face of the new OLED model, which we recall has the new larger display and some other (small) design variations such as the rear stand and the ethernet port.

For more information on the various models of Nintendo Switch, we refer you to the special on which model to choose between the original, OLED and Lite, while for an in-depth study on the new model arriving we remember the tried with hand on Nintendo Switch OLED.

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