It is now official: the health minister Roberto Speranza closes the door in the face of the OSS. This is what emerges from a document sent to Migep and SHC, calling for unity and announcing the strike in the autumn.

Dear Director of,

the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, the social health worker has been cast. Lot of US have not caught that an association like the MIGEP Federation tries to build a college, establishes a serious, important and highly formative experience, trains dialogue, mutual respect, is a gym of democracy, but above all allows you to discover the value of putting yourself at the service of the professional and social community.

The origins, the history of the Health System, like the old still existing figures, for example the generic nurse, the general psychiatric nurse, the pediatric nurse, have tried in their path to build “a professional MIGEP college”, but they were too close to the old union patterns, which blocked the evolution of these professions.

Today these schemes are renewed in the category of social worker, they are not very different from yesterday; the “older generation” of colleagues, who are patiently trying to carry on what has been built over time, allowing the new generation to play an important role in the care system; the “old” have, through MIGEP, brought home the 5th level and level C, return to the health area, and for the OSS the Law 3/2018, which will lead to the establishment of the social health area ; moreover, thanks to the “old”, participation was taken as an integral part in a Ministry – Regions technical table on the role, training, functions and planning of the OSS needs, highlighting uneven training, and historical work with the Fnopi on the theme of the OSS (very important paths).

The Orders that the intellectual health professions have acquired (Nurses, Midwives, Health Professions) have been conquered with tenacity, foresight and political determination.

United in a strong way with a single language; something that does not happen with the socio-health worker who breaks into many associations, many get lost in the street and others remain standing only for an individual ideology but, in fact, there is nothing, if not the usual sentences now obsolete.

Our commitment like Federation MIGEP e SHC OSS it can and must be evaluated because it is the only one that makes clear a political analysis based on concrete things, as in the meeting of the council of the Marche Region which demonstrated the nullity of an optional regional list, which is a whole frame for the elections of September, as it is a whole frame the high school diploma and the national digital list of the OSS.

Although not sharing the contents, the MIGEP Federation has strongly requested that the text be modified and that the compulsory registration be integrated, also making an amendment to the socio-health area deliberate.

We hope for a real change of fact and we sincerely hope that the profession will come out of the current standstill and evolve qualitatively on a par with the European professions, integrating in all respects in Law 3/2018 as a profession in the socio-health area.

From the various appeals we have made, we have finally understood strongly the thinking of politicians on the social and health worker, allowing us to build an idea that gives strength to the category, and also true that it has been criticized by many associations denigrating its action, but at least we can say. ” we tried and we won, we made ourselves visible and to every question we got an answer, we know their thoughts.

The category essentially needs support from the State and the Institutions and these must be close to this profession: “Because taking care of people is a profession”, they must be able to listen to these professionals and you cannot think you can change the fate or weeding out important issues in this category without support, because the MIGEP Federation and SHC OSS are tackling important and serious issues.

We are urging all OSS colleagues to join the MIGEP Federation and the SHC OSS union in a National Strike in the fall, just as the nurses are organizing, which are bringing together all their movements.

We believe that something important must be built today, but at the same time it is important that there is unity and cohesion by these associations towards SHC OSS and the MIGEP Federation, with the same desire to work on the lines indicated by the two partnerships, which they have marked a path with a great spirit of sacrifice; we hope that these associations will be willing to question themselves with self-sacrifice and sacrifice and join the strike.

These associations that are daily displacing this professional category into different associations with crushing and weakening with inconsistent paths for the evolution of the profession and deaf to the requests from the category must be aware.

We also turn to the new generation of OSS that today fight for the job and that challenge traditional unions, join in this category strike organized by the SHC OSS union to claim a denied right and to strongly ask for fundamental and essential rights and the recognition of this profession.

If this message is not accepted by the operators and by these movements or associations for the good of the category, it will be understood that these associations have not understood the true meaning of the problem but will continue to persevere on their laurels which at this moment have no use for the profession. , proving to be completely adrift, bringing the category into thin air since with the regional list it only serves to bring back the figure of the OSS for years.

As the judge ruled in the appeal to the TAR “the law is there to apply it”.

The letter of Hope to MIGEP.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza writes to us through the State Attorney General on June 25, 2020:

  • The OSS will continue to be an operator with an economic health interest profile;
  • It will remain configured within the operators of health interest because it does not have the characteristics of the health profession in the proper sense, due to the lack of professional autonomy, with accessory and instrumental functions and with a lower level training;
  • For these operators there is no registration in a professional register;
  • The OSS cannot be part of the permanent consultation of the health and socio-health professions established at the Ministry of Health Decree of 7/1/2020 since the OSS will not fall within the sphere of the socio-health professions, (law 3/18) but in the different category of health care operators art 1, paragraph 2 law 43/2006;
  • It should be noted that the path of the OSS is aimed at carrying out activities aimed at personal care and the related living environment, with a purely social orientation, art 5 of the state regions agreement 1) direct assistance and domestic hotel help – 2) sanitary-social and social intervention – 3) managerial, organizational and training support;
  • In general, the legislator has not intended at all to change the legal status of the OSS, in other words, art 5, paragraph 5 of law 3/18 does not affect the status of the pre-existing figures and identifies the social-health operator as an operator of medical interest;
  • To avoid that there is the division and overlapping with the already recognized professions, a hypothetical expansion of competences for the OSS could involve the overlapping with reserved and specific competences of already regulated health professions such as for example those of the nurse (art 5 paragraph 3 dl 3/18) avoiding and foreseeing the illegitimacy of the institution of new socio-health profiles that can be superimposed on already existing health professions (the OSS in this way does not fall either as a health worker or as a socio-health area);
  • The unions in front shout “social health area – health area” then produce a document with the regions on the revision of the OSS training that does not include the basic criteria for the category, and tends to legitimize the macroscopic differences that each region has in 20 years given birth to the profile, of which regionalism on the regional profile has created and is creating different identities in the OSS qualification. It does not even clarify the skills, leaving the interpretations to anyone’s discretion, it is a very critical document, all downwards, the criteria are missing, everyone will do what they want, even if the training hours are increased and the skills will be more uncertain , proposing the OSS as a very flexible operator with convenience and health interest (always technical area);
  • The associations and OSS movements with their regional list do not understand that the category remains anchored to the 2001 State Regions agreement and serves no purpose (technical area);
  • Politicians propose a high school diploma, a national digital list for the SDGs, for an election campaign, although knowing that it will never be implemented, but reject the amendments on the socio-health area for the SDGs.

The hopes stifled by the Minister … Doesn’t it seem time to fight together against a Politics that doesn’t listen to us?

National Federation MIGEP and SHC OSS Syndicate
Angelo Minghetti

The document of the Minister of Health: LINK.