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What Orlando gives for Dwyer is of course really awesome.

1.6 million in general and targeted allocation money. If you compare that to recent trades, Dwyer has roughly the equivalent of Dax McCarty + Kevin Molino + Kekuta Manneh + AJ Delagarza.

If SKC uses that well, you can strengthen the team extremely. From the Orlando perspective, that’s the least I can understand. With Larin you have a good goal getter (even if he probably wants to go away himself and has only made negative headlines recently) and on the offensive with Rivas, Barnes, Kaka, Johnson you are already well cast.

It’s not the case that Dwyer is the all-over top striker in the MLS.

Even if it was a few days ago, I still want to reply to your comment.

Yes, Orlando pays a lot of money for Dwyer. But it’s definitely worth the money.
Dwyer is incredibly consistent. With him it is actually certain that he will perform well and that costs a lot.
In addition, the league is slowly developing.
I think that the transfer fees will go in that direction in the future.
You shouldn’t forget that in previous transfers there were always draft picks, intl. roster spots etc. were there. They are also worth something

But as I said, the replacement of Dwyers will, I think, usher in a new “age”.
You can see that the transfer fees are increasing by the amount of transfer fees that are rejected.
Accam is currently at 3 million as you can hear. At Nagbe, people only started listening from 3.5 million.
Even if these are transfer requests from abroad, it still shows that the MLS is now at a corresponding level.
And the transfers within the league are becoming more expensive.

I can absolutely understand that Orlando Dwyer of all people got himself.
For one, Dwyer knows the organization. He had already played for Orlando in 2013.
Plus, it’s only a matter of time before the offensive you’ve enumerated breaks away.
Larin will have been with Orlando the longest. At some point they will no longer be able to refuse the offers. At Kaká it looks like he’ll end his career at the end of the season.
Barnes and Rivas are both lagging behind their expectations.