Offers Vs. quality: who buys online?

Currently, consumers face growing inflation in the basic basket of products and in all services. After the accumulated variation of 50.9% of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 2021, the private consultants surveyed in the latest Survey of Market Expectations of the Central Bank projected that inflation will shoot up to 72.6% in the 2022.

At the same time, The pandemic marked certain habits and customs, which also affect purchasing methods. The key: identify the changes and adapt.

In this framework, it is possible to recognize two major archetypes of online customers. On the one hand, there are people between 27 and 35 years old, who are in search of constant offers and attentive to discount coupons. In these cases, the brand goes into the background.

These are loyal followers of the accounts on social networks and regulars to online purchases. They value not wasting time in the supermarket and avoid the effort of carrying the products.

On the other hand, there are buyers between the ages of 35 and 55, who are loyal to the brands, although they are also interested in hearing about new products and do not miss out on discounts. They feel more comfortable when we communicate through email marketing, rather than through social networks.

This group is part of a segment of the population that became familiar with eCommerce as a result of the pandemic. Normally, he makes larger purchases on a scheduled basis, taking into account the needs of each member of the family group.

Active listening

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In line with these two customer profiles, from Fresh to home (F2H), we develop a proposal and bring it to the forefront on our site. We created the “gourmet” category, which includes an assortment of products that stand out from those of our competitors.

These are imported products, Ready to Cook – vacuum-packed finished meals, which are ready to eat after a few minutes of boiling – or local premiums. By creating a special tab on the homepage of the site, we facilitate people’s access to this category

On the other sidewalk and with the magnifying glass placed on the other group of our consumers, we designed the flap “Last Chance”. It arises from the transposition of a strategy already implemented in offline channels.

Last Chance originates from a business need: it enrolls products that are in perfect condition but that, due to their near expiration date, are offered at really very competitive prices and discounts of up to 75%. We are amazed at how strong this category has become in our customers’ carts. Other offers, discount coupons and promotions that we implement in a personalized way are also added to this proposal.

We take into account the products that each user bought, what their shopping experience was like and how to ensure that they continue to enjoy us. We usually send personalized newsletters about the product you bought when they have a discount so they don’t miss out, or we give them new products to try.

In short, F2H seeks to be a complete solution for the client. We aim to solve purchases, saving time and taking care of your pocket with very competitive prices and constant promotions. Also, We offer the flexibility that today is demanded in the market.

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A year before the pandemic, a technical report from Google & Bain It highlighted that 75% of online food customers still choose the supermarket they first used to buy these products online. But the options to choose from were much more limited. Today, the competition exists.

We want to offer a new version of the supermarket, starting from technology to offer a unique experience when making daily purchases. All these aspects occupy a central place in our business model. Everything is built on the profile of consumers.

Head of business en Fresh to Home.



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