‘Of course it’s not a club love at all’

According to Valentijn Driessen, the contract extension of Dusan Tadić is not a club lover at Ajax, but it is all about money. That tells the Telegraph-journalist Saturday night at The Orange Summer. On Friday it was announced that the Ajax captain has extended his contract by one year until the summer of 2024.

“It is of course not a club love at all,” Driessen begins about the contract extension. ‘These salaries are of course all known in the dressing room. This boy is then asked by AC Milan and Berghuis comes, so Ajax has acted very quickly. They have said: You just get something extra.’

“Of course it cannot be the case that someone who comes from Feyenoord (Berghuis, ed.) becomes the highest paid player of Ajax, while Tadić has been playing great for three years,” Driessen continues. ‘He will really leave Ajax next year or the year after that. Then when a club like AC Milan comes, he just goes.’

‘You don’t think he will still be a youth coach at Ajax, do you?’

Tadić has a contract as a player with Ajax until mid-2024. After his time as a player, he becomes a (youth) trainer in Amsterdam, but Driessen doesn’t believe that. ‘You don’t think he will still be a youth coach at Ajax, do you? It’s all being put down like this and that’s a very nice picture, of course, but that boy will go back to Serbia in a moment. Do you think he will live in the Netherlands for the rest of his life? I can’t imagine that.’

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