Octopath Traveler celebrates third birthday: is there a new part coming?

It seems like it would Octopath Traveler get a new adventure. Read more here!

over Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler from Square Enix is ​​celebrating its third anniversary this week. Initially a Nintendo Switch exclusive, the title has now also made it to PC and Xbox. In our test, we found the game to be excellent – and fans are kind of waiting for the game to continue. While Square Enix mentioned what a sequel should look like, there hasn’t been an announcement yet. That’s why the latest anniversary tweet is for Octopath Traveler so exciting.

This is nothing new in and of itself; the Twitter account of Octopath Traveler also shared some special works of art during last year’s anniversary celebrations. The tweet reads: “Today July 13th marks Octopath Traveler’s 3rd Anniversary! Thank you for your congratulations! The development team will work hard so that we can go on a new adventure with all of you !!! ”

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