October 1, 2022: Mainova increases natural gas and heat prices in Frankfurt | Regional

Frankfurt – It was inevitable: Frankfurt’s number 1 supplier will increase natural gas and heat prices on October 1, 2022. This was announced by “Mainova” on Wednesday (August 17, 2022).

Reason according to the press release: “The war in Ukraine and the unprecedented price development on the energy markets.”

“Mainova” continues: “Against this background, Mainova must adjust the prices of natural gas and district heating on October 1, 2022. The regional energy supplier therefore passes on increased purchase prices.”

Here are the specific price changes:

The operating price in the “Mainova natural gas classic” basic tariff rises from 11.30 to 15.44 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The basic price remains stable at EUR 94.90 per year. According to Mainova, “Customers with an average annual consumption of 12,000 kWh will pay EUR 41.50 more per month in the future (gross, compared to the price on July 1, 2022).”

Compared to the last price increase (October 1, 2021), the cost in the “Mainova Warme Classic” tariff “with an annual heat consumption of 12,000 kWh and a connected output of 10 kilowatts (kW) increases by 112.24 euros per month (gross) ) .” The newly introduced surcharges for natural gas are not yet included.

Anyone who runs into payment problems can request deferment and installment payment models on demand.

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