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Where are the various IO tech weapons to get in Fortnite for the Season 7 challenge?

Season 7 of Fortnite is finally available, just like the list of week 1 challenges ! It is already possible to complete them, and start getting XP to advance in the game’s battle pass. However, these challenges can be a bit complicated to complete, and we help you by showing you how to do it.

This is the case with the challenge asking get different technological weapons from IO. We explain to you how to have a little special weapons!

Where are the IO tech weapons in Fortnite?

A new type of weapon has arrived with Fortnite Season 7: IO technological weapons ! To complete one of the challenges in week 1, you will need to obtain several.

There is only one solution for this: get the weapon on IO guards by eliminating them. These are neutral NPCs, who will attack both players and aliens, and who are in alien cities. These are the cities whose name appears in purple on the game map!

An IO guard in Fortnite

Several IO technology weapons exist, and if you don’t want to get the same twice in a game, you just have to rely on the sound and image of the weapon that uses the IO guard that you want to eliminate. If you have already eliminated a guard with this type of weapon, choose a different one to get a different weapon.



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