Objective: To make vaccination attractive: West Virginia advertises with spectacular prices

Aim: to make vaccination attractive
West Virginia advertises with spectacular awards

In the US state of West Virginia, 41 percent of people are now fully vaccinated. What sounds like wonderful news compared to Germany is far below average in the USA. In order to accelerate the vaccination rate, the state is now launching an vaccination lottery – with unusual prices.

A pick-up truck, a hunting license or a rifle – these are prizes that are raffled off in a lottery in West Virginia to people who have been vaccinated against Corona. The raffle is intended to restart the vaccination campaign in the rural US state. West Virginia residents who have received at least one corona vaccination syringe can participate, Governor Jim Justice announced.

After a strong start, the vaccination rate in West Virginia is stagnating, so far 41 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. This means that the vaccination rate in the state is well below the US average of around 50 percent. With the vaccination lottery, the government of West Virginia is now trying to get more residents to vaccinate.

From June 20th, prizes will be distributed every Wednesday, the raffle will run until August 4th. Two pick-ups, five fishing and hunting licenses for life, ten hunting rifles and 25 weekend trips to national parks in West Virginia are being raffled off. There is also a million dollars (818,000 euros) in the pot and two four-year scholarships for a state university for participants between the ages of 12 and 25.

Young adults in particular are reluctant to vaccinate

West Virginia is thus significantly increasing its vaccination incentives. In the past few months, the authorities have lured the group of 16 to 35-year-olds, who are particularly reluctant to take corona vaccinations, with 100 dollars in savings or gift vouchers.

The US state Ohio was the first to introduce millions in profits in vaccine lotteries. Other states reward those who have been vaccinated with tickets to sporting events, free beer or free pizza. US President Joe Biden has set the goal that 70 percent of the population will receive at least one corona vaccination syringe by July 4th, US Independence Day.