The United Nations sets very clear sustainable development goals. Specifically, the number 3 talks about health and well-being and about how to guarantee a healthy life. Therefore, it is important to promote this well-being in all individuals and in any age group.

Personally, I have always defended that in beauty we must go one step further and not settle in the superficial part. That is to say, a treatment is never complete if we do not improve the health of the skin and, therefore, the well-being of the client.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to have highly qualified and trained human teams so that we are in a position to offer global care and understand each client in a totally personalized way.

Stress is the great problem of the 21st century and it governs our body and mind. There are an immense number of pathologies that we develop due to high levels of stress and that even end in diseases. Many medical studies support these data.

These investigations focus on the fast-paced way of life that many of us have already defined as the great evil of our time. That’s where beauty plays a great trick and what gives us arguments for why it should be focused on achieving well-being and improving our health.

The pandemic that we have experienced has been much more than a health crisis and, if we have detected something good in this process, it is that we are now more aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves. And to take good care of ourselves.

Every time there is a more solid culture that is committed to a healthy life, focused on a word that we always say in a low voice: pampering ourselves and speaking openly about mental health.

We are more interested in spirituality and we worry every day to understand how and why we have to achieve a more sustainable world, where beauty, also sustainable, helps us to intuit the problem before it reaches our skin, our hair. or our emotions.

Stress is the great problem of the 21st century and it governs our body and mind

Today we no longer use good products to take care of the skin on the outside and we go further, because we are more aware that, in addition, we must not forget that health is also food.

Stay active in our daily life, practice sports, achieve balance, dedicate a little time to ourselves every day, connect with the environment, know how to breathe -something so basic, but so important-, improve the quality of our rest, work with a positive attitude …

All these points are essential to achieve emotional well-being, the same that we reflect on the skin, the largest organ of our body, intimately connected to our nervous system and, therefore, to our emotions.

Learning, sustainability and care go hand in hand and complement each other perfectly and, furthermore, they should not and cannot be understood without each other. Knowledge makes us strong And, therefore, the more we know, the better knowledge we can contribute to know how we can live happier.

That beauty generates happiness is indisputable. Taking care of yourself is health and feeling good is necessary for everything to flow. Over time, our body slows down and works with greater difficulty creating both internal and external problems.

Learning, sustainability and care go hand in hand and complement each other perfectly

Cellulite, for example, becomes localized fat, sagging appears, the skin undergoes noticeable changes, more wrinkles appear, blemishes and the texture of the body changes considerably. All this generates many problems of anxiety and self-esteem.

That is why knowing how to manage them is key for us to use tools that lead us to a fuller life. It is also important that we recognize prevention hand in hand with aesthetic medicine, a sector where more and more is invested in treatments to ensure a good aging process, which teach us to live in harmony.

Personalization is a very important and fundamental aspect and, for this, unique protocols are carried out, because each person is different. The needs of each client, lifestyle, hormonal identity, habits or genetics are also analyzed individually, because only then can we reach an effective result.

In this sector innovate is not an option, it is an obligation; design protocols where experience and knowledge are important, but with excellence as the objective.

It is relevant to promote training. In a globalized and interconnected world, the promotion of study and research is key to understanding the new problems that arise in beauty and health, as well as to discovering techniques that provide real and safe solutions.

Beauty tourism grows and is focused on a tourist who chooses more sustainable destinations

Likewise, it is also necessary to bet on a team that is rigorous in complying with deontological standards and professional ethics. And surround ourselves with professionals with passion and involvement who accompany clients in complicated processes and who do not settle for superficial beauty.

Let us also not forget that beauty tourism is growing and that it is focused on a tourist who chooses more sustainable destinations, where they can enjoy hotels, spas or homes that minimize environmental impact.

Currently, trips to secondary destinations and the commitment to local experiences are experiencing an important rebound. The hotels boutique They are no longer isolated, rural houses with unique experiences are on the rise and destinations where beauty and well-being are a seductive argument are consolidated.

This is what has happened for a long time with gastronomy through proximity, local cuisine, where local foods are the main ones. Being able to enjoy the outdoors of all this are gifts that we give ourselves and that we now understand are the memories that remain.

*** Paz Torralba is director of The Beauty Concept.


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