Obituary for Wayne Shorter: Keys to the Cosmos

Obituary for Wayne Shorter: Keys to the Cosmos

Obituary for Wayne Shorter:key to the cosmos

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Obituary for Wayne Shorter: Wayne Shorter, 1933 - 2023

Wayne Shorter, 1933 – 2023

(Foto: Robert Ascroft/Robert Ascroft)

Jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter shaped the past 70 years like few others. He has now died at the age of 89.

Von Andrian Kreye

Wayne Shorter is dead, the saxophonist and composer who shaped several phases of jazz like few other musicians. Hard bop, jazz rock, post bop, the dissolution of genres into what some have called the classics of black America and others the real, if not the only, cultural legacy of the United States. The man who, with one, two or just a few notes, could pull an entire hall or even a record studio into a cosmos that had a lot of space.

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