Oat milk, the best alternative to regular milk?

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    We have already talked on occasion about the benefits of oat milk. But… is it a good alternative to conventional milk? We chatted with Toby Weedon, expert coffee barista and current Barista Development Manager at Oatly, and this is what he told us. In addition, we have reflected on the rise of plant products and their fit into a fitness diet.

    Of the vegetable milks, which is the best from a fitness and nutritional point of view?

    I admit I’m an avid oat milk drinker, but I don’t really compare them to other plant-based dairy products. There are many amazing plant-based dairy alternatives. They’re all different, but one thing that sets oat drinks apart is that we’ve found a way to keep the beta-glucans (fiber) healthy.

    What should we take into account when buying a good processed plant-based food?

    Of course, it comes down to preferences and tastes. I like my plant-based dairy alternatives to be multipurpose. On the one hand I really enjoy coffee, I like to have milk in my coffee so it should work for that, but it should also taste good on my cereal, getting a plant based milk that actually works the same way as the cow one In short, milk that you can bake and cook with. Also, you must know very well, that’s a must!

    Why should oatmeal and its products be a staple in our diet?

    Oatmeal is highly recommended for human consumption, it has fiber and healthy unsaturated fats. And, let’s not forget, it tastes great. Which is also important when trying to get people to switch from dairy to vegetables: taste is crucial. The food system is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. By replacing animal products with plant-based products, such as swapping the milk in your coffee for an oatmeal drink, you can generally reduce your personal carbon footprint.

    Oat milk at what time of day is best to drink it?

    I consume oat milk throughout the day, from breakfast to afternoon coffee (coffee can be very good before training if taken on time) and can even be cooked with it.

    What should a good oat milk be enriched with?

    The goal has always been to find a healthy, sustainable and plant-based alternative. So naturally, when it comes to fortification, we add the minerals and vitamins you may need when you decide to stop using cow-based dairy alternatives based on Nordic nutritional recommendations.

    Why does coffee mix well with oat milk?

    It works very well with coffee because it adapts better to more extreme temperatures. This means it won’t curdle or split when steamed and poured into espresso or poured cold into hot filter coffee. The higher fat content, in the form of unsaturated fat, means you can have the same rich, creamy mouthfeel, without the carbon footprint and saturated fat of dairy.

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    Where does the consumption of vegetable products go in Spain? To what extent has demand exploded in recent years?

    It is a category that does not stop growing, since more and more Spaniards are using oat products and other plant-based alternatives. The reality is that we were prepared for this good reception; as our goal has always been to help make the transition from dairy to plant-based. We want to reach as many people as possible to achieve the change we want. We now have around one in three people in our key markets consuming plant-based products, and more than half of them have tried plant-based products in the last two years. There is still a long way to go, but today, consumers can find plant-based alternatives in the main shops or restaurants in Spain, which makes it easier for people to choose this type of food.

    What products are the most consumed by the Spanish?

    When it comes to plant-based dairy alternatives, we know that plant-based beverages are the most popular product; and yogurts follow closely behind. Among the most demanded plant-based dairy alternatives; for example, oats, soybeans, almonds… Oats are the dominant drink. We have also detected that the Spanish really like cooking creams. (Remember here the best recipes with oats to lose weight).

    Improve the taste, the texture… what do customers ask for the most?

    You need to have great-tasting products for people to switch to plant-based instead of cow’s milk products.

    Why are so many people still reluctant to lower their consumption of animal protein and go for vegetable protein?

    The science clearly shows that we need to reduce our intake of meat and dairy to meet climate targets. However, changing one’s habits can be a difficult task. According to the psychologist Sabine Jansesn we recently worked with in the Netherlands, “The step from eating completely meat to eating completely plant-based is too big to do in one go. After all, people have certain habits, they are skeptical about things they have never come into contact with, they still do not know how to properly replace meals in a nutritious way, etc. It is very difficult to do it from one day to the next. To make that change, it’s precisely small steps, like starting to switch from coffee creamer to oat milk, that make the switch feasible.”

    For this reason, we must constantly work to spread the message around the plants and we try to help people make decisions with all the information. As we mentioned, the category is growing and we see that more and more dairy alternatives are emerging and joining the plant-based movement. Plant-based beverages are becoming mainstream simply because more and more people are looking for products that are better for both their body and the planet.

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