NWA Powerrr # 27 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 05/11/2021

Quelle: National Wrestling Alliance

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National Wrestling Alliance Powerrr #27
Ort: Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First broadcast: May 11, 2021 on FITE TV

Commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky welcome us to a new issue. Nick Aldis opens the show and is not happy that Billy Corgan is having a battle royal for the NWA World Title # 1 Contendership. 14 nobodies will compete for this chance and as a champion he was not even informed before everyone else. When asked about today’s main event – Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer vs. Aron Stevens & Kratos (c) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship – Aldis says that it is only a matter of time before Strictly Business has all the NWA gold in its own ranks. But since Corgan has announced that no current titleholders will take part in the aforementioned Battle Royal for the NWA World Title # 1 Contendership, Strictly Business is thinking about giving up today’s title match, so that Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer take part in the battle Royal can participate. So maybe we won’t see a title match today.

1. Match
NWA World Television Title Tournament Qualifying – Singles Match
Matt Cross won against Mims via pin after a springboard cutter.

Austin Idol & Tire now call out “The Pope” Elijah Burke, because they are fed up with the fact that he continues to hide from Tire. “The Pope” is only four wins away from trading its NWA Television Championship for a chance at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Idol wants to congratulate him on this and offers a handshake, but “The Pope” doesn’t feel like it and disappears.

Aron Stevens speaks in an interview with May Valentine about the possibility of the NWA World Tag Team Championship Match falling into the water. He wants to focus on continuing the tradition of the title and to do that he wants to keep the NWA World Tag Team Championship going for as long as possible. He wants to end his career with the NWA and make the best of his opportunities until then. He admits he hired Kratos because he’s a mercenary and does his job well. And even if they don’t always agree, they are an effective tag team.

Sal rinauro explained in an interview with Kyle Davisthat he wants to take on Kratos alone, no matter what the consequences. He wants to take out the bully without the help of others.

2. Match
Singles Match
Kratos won against Sal Rinauro via pin after a wheelbarrow suplex.

Kyle Davis welcomes Thunder Rosa & Melina and Kamille & Taryn Terrell to speak to the women about the NWA Women’s Title # 1 Contendership Match between Thunder Rosa and Kamille. Thunder Rosa talks about the history of women wrestling and the importance of the NWA Women’s World Championship. Chamomile takes note of this, but she wonders what to think of it when she sees Rosa at other promotions. She believes that Rosa is all about herself and not the Women’s Division at NWA. Rosa replies that she had to fight hard for everything, so the disrespect of chamomile doesn’t surprise her. Kamille offers a match with a 20 minute time limit. If Rosa loses, then not only does she lose # 1 contendership, but she also has to put all bookings outside of NWA on hold. Thunder Rosa accepts the stipulation.

3. Match
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Slice Boogie won against Jax Dane via.
– After Slice Boogie hit his opponent with a chair, Crimson came out to help Jax Dane. However, Dane accidentally bumped into Crimson, causing him to fall on the hall floor. Jax Dane then threw in the towel for himself, concerned for his friend, to check on Crimson.

Joe Galli announces that, as Nick Aldis predicted, the NWA World Tag Team Championship Match between Strictly Business and Aron Stevens & Kratos will not take place because Strictly Business have already left the hall.

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