Nvidia is “out of politics” and will not close its office in Russia

Journalists of the TAdviser edition talked to the press service of Nvidia and found out that the Russian division will continue its work, since the company is “out of politics”.

According to the sources of the publication, more than a hundred employees now work in the office, they are engaged in software development, machine learning and technology consulting.

It is also reported that the company is even looking for new employees. Nvidia clarified that the staff has been formed, and if it is negotiating with someone, then this is an exception.

The Nvidia business is as out of politics as it is now possible, and we have never announced our departure. At the same time, deliveries of products that are produced directly under the Nvidia brand have been stopped: Founders Edition graphics cards, Nvidia Shield set-top boxes, as well as Nvidia solutions for the professional and corporate markets.

Nvidia CFO Colette Kress said that the Russian market accounted for 2% of the company’s total turnover.



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