NVIDIA and Abnormal CPU Usage: A Hotfix driver fixes the bug

NVIDIA and Abnormal CPU Usage: A Hotfix driver fixes the bug

NVIDIA has released “GeForce Hotfix 531.26”, a driver release that fixes the NVIDIA Container from overusing CPU resources after exiting a game session. by Manolo De Agostini published on 08 March 2023, at 06:01 in the GeForceNVIDIA Video Cards channel NVIDIA has made available “GeForce Hotfix 531.26”, a new driver that solves the problem of excessive CPU usage reported in the past few hours. The driver can be downloaded from this address and, in addition to the main bug, it fixes another problem related to some old laptops with GeForce GTX 1000, MX250 and MX350. Old Driver NVIDIA Container Overused CPU – Click to Enlarge The fix then prevents NVIDIA Container, the cauldron in which the company packages its various driver processes, including telemetry, from overusing the CPU after exiting a game. A problem that could be solved by restarting the system, attempting to close the process from the Task Manager or reverting to the previous driver. The latter option, however, meant the loss of optimizations for some games as well as RTX Video Super Resolution technology, the upscaling of low-resolution videos with AI, on Chrome and Edge. At the moment the technology only works on GeForce RTX 3000 and 4000 and its purpose is to make low-quality online videos – YouTube, Twitch and more – look sharper and with fewer artifacts. In the past few hours, Microsoft has added its own similar solution called Video Super Resolution (VSR) to the Edge browser.

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