Nurse opposed to vaccination asking for exemption (denied) by the doctor

PORDENONE. The EC nurse, 45 years old, received the Pec of the prevention department of the western Friuli health authority in the morning and in the afternoon the nurse EC, 45 years old, came to work regularly in one of the hospitals in the province of Pordenone.

He is among the 177 included in the deed of assessment of the health company of those who have not fulfilled the vaccination obligation against Sars-Cov-2, for which the suspension has been ordered.

He worked regularly after the provision and for now the weekend shifts have been confirmed, but awaits the meeting of the order on Monday which will also decree the suspension from the profession.

A lack of vaccination that the woman justifies with health reasons. «I am suffering from a series of pathologies – he affirms -, I have various health problems and I do not feel like taking risks with a drug that I do not know. After so many years of treatment, I have now found my balance and I don’t want to risk losing it ».

The woman hoped to have the vaccine exemption from her general practitioner, but she denied it. Evidently the objective conditions of the woman are not those that she claims to perceive.

She – she continues – has never replied to the Pec of the prevention department: «I am photocopying all my documentation and I will deliver it to the prevention department. But the company already has my dossier with all the pathologies I suffer from, which is why I never replied to the Pec ”.

Also, she points out that when they booked her the vaccine she was sick. The nurse from Pordenone therefore rejects the classification of no vax and refusal of the vaccine for ideological reasons: “No – he continues – these are only health reasons, I am a person who lives alone and who after many years is well enough and who does not want to put this condition at risk ».

The woman believes, it is not clear on the basis of what scientific elements, even that she is not in the situation of harming the patients of the ward where she works: “During the pandemic I have always worked in the hospital – she continues – and I have never caught or transmitted Covid -19.

I respect the rules and use personal protective equipment. Most of the patients who arrive on the ward are vaccinated. I don’t feel a danger to others ».

The nurse also raises another question: «I am of foreign origin – he says – and to come and work here I asked for a transfer from the register of nurses in my country to the Italian one.

Now they suspend me from the register and thus deny me the possibility of going to work in countries where there is no vaccination obligation. But I ask myself: is all this right? ».

Yes, that’s right because the law says so. To work in public health, you need to be vaccinated.

For now, the nurse in question will send her file to the prevention department and awaits Monday, the date set by the order of nurses for the suspension of the unvaccinated. As for the appeal to the TAR against the measure, for now she is cautious and observes that “in this period there are also those who try to take advantage”.

She will consult with a lawyer friend to figure out what to do, hoping that her reasons will now be considered by the Prevention Department so as to avoid suspension from work. “I don’t want to risk under my responsibility.” –



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