UA nurse at the 12 de Octubre hospital in Madrid was brutally attacked when, while traveling on the city’s metro last Thursday, he asked a young man in the same train to put on a mask. Not liking the question, the boy hit the health professional in the eye with “a sharp object”.

The man was still referred to the health unit where he works, but, as El Mundo progresses, the damage was “irreparable” and the nurse even ended up losing sight in one of his eyes. “It will not come back to him”, police sources indicated to the referred publication.

In a video of the moment shared on social networks, it is possible to see the attack and how everything unfolded before the incredulous eyes of the other passengers.

After being hit, the nurse was forced to step back and get down on his knees, due to loss of balance on impact. The aggressor – who abandoned the subway at the Alto del Arenal station – has not yet been identified and the authorities have already asked the population for help to obtain information about this.

You can see the images below:

[Aviso: as imagens podem ferir a suscetibilidade dos leitores mais sensíveis]

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