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In Italy, children are not given antipyretic juice. There is a shortage of medicines in Germany. And there are also delivery problems in Austria.

In the middle of a vacation in Tuscany (I), the child (7) of the Viennese Bauer family has a high temperature of 40 degrees, the hospital prescribes ibuprofen juice to lower the fever. The Bauers rattle off one pharmacy after the other for hours – in vain! The juice cannot be found. Delivery problems, they say.

Similar scenes in Germany: ibuprofen juice is in short supply! According to the Baden-Württemberg State Apothecary Association, pharmacies have difficulty reordering products when stocks are exhausted. Reason: An important producer of fever juices has withdrawn from the business, the competition could not increase so quickly. In addition, twice as many antipyretic juices were ordered this year as in 2021.

In Austria no delivery bottlenecks like in Germany

And here? When asked, the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists said that there is currently “increased demand. In some cases, there are delivery problems with certain dosages and flavors due to transport and capacity restrictions, due to the current geopolitical situation and the situation around Shanghai.” A wave of delivery bottlenecks, as is evident in Germany, is currently not identifiable in Austria.

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