Number of people with monkey pox more than doubled to 26, RIVM reports Inland

The virus originates in Africa. In recent weeks, it has been doing the rounds in European countries. So far, the number of infections remains quite limited. On Friday, May 20, it was reported for the first time that someone in the Netherlands had contracted the disease.

‘No link with Africa’

“It is striking that for the majority of these people no link with the areas in Africa could be found. This means that the virus has been able to spread in Europe,” according to RIVM. Some of the Dutch infections can be traced back to an outbreak at the Belgian festival Darklands, a fetish event. Among the people who contracted the virus are a relatively large number of men who have sex with other men, but health services warn against a misconception. Anyone can get monkey pox.

People born before 1974 are still vaccinated against ‘normal’ smallpox, which was still circulating in the world at the time. That vaccine also works against monkey pox.

People can contract the virus through close (skin) contact with someone who carries it. In addition to characteristic bumps on the skin, patients may experience fever, headache, back pain and swollen lymph nodes. Usually the course of the disease is quite mild, but with complications, the disease can be fatal.

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