Number of migrants stranded on the Chilean-Peruvian border increases

Number of migrants stranded on the Chilean-Peruvian border increases

The number of migrants held at the border between Chile and Peru increased on Monday, even after the humanitarian flight that allowed 115 Venezuelan citizens to return to their country from the Chilean city of Arica the day before.


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Around 300 migrants are still on the dividing line, the majority of Colombian and Ecuadorian nationality, along with some Venezuelans whose family is made up of members from other countries.

Border authorities declared that some children concentrated in the area were born in Chilean territory, for which they deserve nationality, but their parents are from several countries, making the process more complicated.

The crisis arose 20 days ago when groups of migrants tried to cross the border from Chile, where anti-immigrant policies were hardened, to Peru, where they were also unable to enter, thus ending up in no man’s land.

The diplomatic authorities are holding talks to solve the problem, proposing corridors or humanitarian flights, such as the one offered by Venezuela through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria that guarantees a voluntary and safe return.

There is a humanitarian crisis on the border between Peru and Chile. There, dozens of Venezuelans were stranded with the desire to return to their homeland on foot. Peru did not want to admit them and Chile did not want to return. After several weeks, a humanitarian flight transferred 120 people,…

— Patricia Janiot (@patriciajaniot) May 8, 2023

Despite the food and medical attention, as well as the distribution of cleaning modules, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult for many of the migrants, especially minors, pregnant women and the elderly.

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Added to this is the fact that this area is characterized by inclement weather, reporting high temperatures during the day and intense cold at night, especially complicated for those who have to sleep outdoors.

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