Number of corona cases continues to rise, record number of infections in Amsterdam

The increase in the number of new corona cases continues. Between yesterday morning and this morning, 16,796 positive tests have been recorded. This is the highest number in nearly three weeks.

In Amsterdam there was even a record today of the highest number of infections in a Dutch municipality ever.

More infections due to omikron variant

The increase in the number of infections is no surprise. This was predicted by experts due to the new omikron variant that has become dominant and is a lot more contagious than other corona variants. From South Africa, where the variant was discovered, it was reported today that the country has seen a clear decrease in the number of hospital admissions with the new variant.

In the past seven days, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) received 92,449 reports of positive tests. That is 4 percent more than the seven days before. That percentage is called the growth rate. For the first time since November 30, the number of cases is rising on a weekly basis. On average, this amounts to 13,207 positive tests per day. That average is now rising for the third day in a row.

Record number of infections in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam 1,383 people were tested positive for corona last day. That is the highest number ever in any Dutch municipality. In the capital, the omikron variant seems to have spread more than in the rest of the country. In Rotterdam, for example, 765 residents were told that they had contracted the corona virus. In Utrecht there were 445, in The Hague 361 and in Almere 239.

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Number of deaths stable

Despite the increasing number of infections, the number of deaths remains stable. In the past day, RIVM received a message that 33 people have died as a result of their corona infection. For a Friday, that’s the lowest number since November 12. Among the 33 deceased are five residents of Amsterdam and three people from Schagen. In the past seven days, 266 deaths have been reported, an average of 38 per day. That is comparable to the level of the past period.

The number of corona patients in hospitals also continues to fall. Today there are 1766 people with corona in hospital. That is 91 less than yesterday. This has reduced the number of patients for the fourth day in a row. This is the lowest number since November 12. It is still uncertain whether this decline will continue, the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) announced yesterday. This depends on the further development of the omikron variant.

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Number of corona cases continues to rise, record number of infections in Amsterdam



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