North Korea provoked the world. Due to the ongoing missile tests react the US States of Hawaii and Alaska – it is an attack of the regime with nuclear is feared weapons.

Hawaii/Alaska – The sabre-rattling from North Korea, the world’s shocks. Hawaii draws consequences from and spreads to a nuclear strike by the North Koreans. Background the ongoing missile tests by the regime. Recently, Pyongyang threatened “to be any time and any place” to a new nuclear test to be ready.

Hawaii is responsive and has launched a preparatory program for the residents, such as the World reported. Also Alaska is a guide, therefore, steps, and prepare for a possible attack with missiles. Due to the threats of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un wants to perform the United States a missile defense test on the island of Kodiak Island in the U.S. state of Alaska. Marines should have the statement on the next weekend of sea areas between the island and Hawaii to keep. The aims, Worldfrom a note the US coast guard to emerge.

The U.S. army will test parts of the missile defense system THAAD, such as a report of the Kodiak Daily Mirror to refer to be. The System is the same, that also in South Korea, and Guam is stationed, to stop a potential missile attacks from North Korea. “The North Korean leadership has shown that they can, even if it appears irrational, smart, and ruthlessly goes about it,” says expert Chris Douglas on the Homepage of the government-funded “Australian Strategic Policy Institute”. Also Australia sees itself, however, is the danger of the mercy that emanates from North Korea.

The civil protection authority, gives instructions

Most significantly, and is currently in Hawaii with the threat. There is an information campaign. This, according to the inhabitants of the island should prepare for a chain on a possible nuclear strike by North Korea. The civil protection Agency has created a fact sheet that anyone can access on the Internet. It States, in fact, that citizens should follow three steps as soon as the sirens sound In a building on a concrete house – go there for up to two weeks, and on Radio and TV on information wait.

The civil protection authority informed.

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Compared to Hawaii News Now, the head of the Hawaiian civil protection, said Miyagi Vern: An Intercontinental ballistic missile from North Korea, need to launch only 20 minutes to reach Hawaii. The residents would then have, after notification, eight to twelve minutes time, to bring themselves in safety.

But not only missiles threat: “North Korea already has a System to bring nuclear weapons anywhere in the world to your destination – it is just not rocket technology,” writes Chris Douglas. The means of choice could be instead quite ordinary Transport Container, the expert explains.