Hermann S. had hidden the weapons behind cupboards and that quite professionally. The police shouldn’t find her, but the police did find her. She took two pistols and a pump gun, along with batons and pepper sprays. All objects that are prohibited by the weapons law. The Munich Attorney General is now investigating Hermann S. It is a coincidence that for some sheds a different light on another, much more serious charge that S. sees himself exposed to.

Last Friday, the retired police officer from Landshut and his wife were briefly arrested as suspects in the investigation into anonymous threatening emails with the sender “NSU 2.0”. This is the abbreviation for the threatening e-mails, most likely from the extreme right-wing scene, which have been sent to almost 30 people for about two years. Therefore, police searched his house, where they accidentally found the weapons.

Investigators came to S. because the threats sent last week were not sent via an email account with the Russian provider Yandex as usual, but from a provider for encrypted emails from Switzerland under the email address “eugen” .prinz1945 @ protonmail.com “. Prince Eugene was commander in chief in the Great Turkish War of 1697 and is a hero of the right-wing scene. The pseudonym is popular in the right scene and is also used by S. from Landshut. It is not clear whether he is really behind the email address. He denies that himself. Investigators are currently assuming that S. is at most a freelancer, but not the main suspect in the NSU 2.0 case.

Reason enough to take a closer look at Hermann S. and listen to it. On the phone he says to the SZ: The pump gun and the two pistols are “heirlooms from my father’s estate”, from which he did not want to part. “I never fired a shot with them,” says S. and never carried them outside the house. Lifting arms was “a mistake”. S. could face imprisonment of between one and five years if charges are brought. So says a spokesman for the Munich Attorney General’s Office with reservations. He confirms that S. is a marksman and has kept two legal weapons in a gun cabinet in compliance with the rules. So far, S. was well known in Landshut, but not as a gunman or violent, but as someone who bombarded the newspaper with letters to the editor and wrote xenophobic and offensive articles on several internet platforms.

“He likes to incite others, but he’s not the doer,” said Anja König, SPD city councilor and one who has been watching S. for years and received threatening letters even in the last federal election campaign. The sender is unknown. Anja König said that she asked the public prosecutor to check whether her threatening letters came from S. S. rejects this accusation. Even the fact that a man with his views hides illegal weapons in his home is more than worrying for König: “This is a ticking time bomb.” S. writes, for example, for the new right-wing political portal Incorrect, which the Bavarian constitutional protection agency classifies as critical of Islam but does not observe it.

Against the background of the weapon discovery, a contribution from 2017 appears particularly explosive. It bears the headline: “Why I choose the AfD”, the author: Hermann S. He expresses his fear that the violent attacks in Germany will increase due to the high number of refugees and looks “enviously at our Czech neighbors”. The government there enables “every Czech citizen to acquire a weapon for self-defense”. On request S. confirmed the SZ to have written this contribution. He was in favor of a looser gun law, but: “It is not my attitude to take the law into your own hands.” Defense is the sole responsibility of the security authorities.

S. also published on Klartext.la, a platform of the CSU city councilor Rudolf Schnur. In 2015, S. wrote about an impending “German Rape Wave”, a “German rape wave”, which he identified as a result of the high immigration numbers. At that time, Schnur defended the text in the Landshuter Zeitung as legitimate in the sense of freedom of expression. Now he calls him “hard tobacco”. In 2015 he had already separated from S. as the author, who has since written on another blog with similar content (“Are the epidemics coming with the refugees?).

According to the Landshut public prosecutor’s office, S. has been tried four times for sedition, insult, violation of the Data Protection Act and because he is said to have illegally made sound or film recordings. All have been discontinued. S. has not attracted any criminal attention in the past. The constitutional activists are not known as extremists. There is only a note there on the discontinued investigation on sedition. His blog, which is “critical of Islam, but not extremist”, is not observed, says a spokesman, without confirming S. as the operator.

But there is also “content that would be classified as unconstitutional” because it broadly degraded migrants. S. rejects all allegations of being behind the threatening emails of the NSU 2.0. He was convinced that someone wanted to attach something to him. Very strange things have happened lately. For example, he received food that he had not ordered. S. already has an idea of ​​who’s behind it, says S., but he doesn’t want to speculate without evidence. Of course he cooperates with the police.

In addition to the investigation, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against him. In the worst case, his pension could be withdrawn.