now punishes cheaters in an innovative way

OchsvormBerg wrote: ?20.06.2022 16:14

Oh yes, the good old dedicated servers where you were kicked or banned by the admins because you were too good for them or used weapons that they thought were too strong… Everything has its advantages and disadvantages .

The advantage was probably that the communities formed as a result were stronger.
You have to find yourself first…

But in a 150-player battle royale, dedicated servers just don’t make sense.

Oh, I forgot the subgenre…
Well, then they should invest the billions of microtransactions in living admins and a usable reporting system.
I’m of the unequivocal opinion (which also grew out of the arrogance of not being part of the target group) that it just doesn’t work without the human element.
If this is really supposed to be an algorithm and not “just” snooping around on your hard drive/RAM, then there’s a risk that “the machine” will kick you when you’re having a good day… Or take your guns away.
And then you can’t do anything about it – software error.
While the cheaters buy the new version of Anti-Anti-Cheat and laugh their heads off…

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