now on to…the Clippers?

It was the rumor that swelled in the corridors of the League and it is now recorded: John Wall will leave the Rockets. The All-Star leader has agreed with the franchise around a buy-out and he can now join the team of his choice.

April 23, 2021, this is the date of John Wall’s last appearance on an NBA floor. Since that game with 27 points and 13 assists against the Clippers, the point guard has been gathering dust in the Toyota Center closet. Why ? Because there is a bottle class to develop in Texas and the 31-year-old player does not really represent the future. In agreement with his management, the former darling of Washington has therefore put himself aside while waiting for the right moment to resume his favorite sport and the big day seems to have arrived. One year from the end of his contract and with a very low value on the market, Houston understood that there was not much point in keeping Wall in its ranks any longer. The franchise and the guard therefore agreed on a buy-out. According to Tim MacMahon of ESPNJohn Wall gave up 6.5 million in his last year to be able to set sail. Which still leaves him with a check for almost 41 million in his pocket, we won’t complain.

This file finally closed, everyone will be able to make their way. Houston has saved a few pennies and can finally be fully focused on its young people while Wall will be able to find the floors within an ambitious team. The Lakers, Clippers and Heat were announced on his tail and, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, it is Kawhi Leonard’s friends who should win the bet.

We knew it, the Angelinos have been looking for a leader manager profile for a while, just to remove some of the creative responsibilities from the Leonard-George duo. With John Wall, able to score but also to manage the tempo and make friends benefit, they find the ideal profile to fill this gap. Mister Mur is also a good defender and with those who are already there, we know outsiders who will sweat hard each time the Clippers visit. The big question that remains is the state of form and the level of the player. Before his shelving, he was still turning in 20 points and almost 7 assists on average. With only forty games played in three seasons, Wall is clearly not at the height of his glory but given what it will cost (probably the minimum), the risk should be light for the band at Tyronn Lue. If, on the other hand, he begins to bring out vintage perfs, LA could well do great damage to the West.

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Freed, delivered, John Wall will finally be able to get out of Houston! The leader will enter like the others in the Free Agency but the suspense should be short-lived since the Clippers are boiling hot on his case. One of the bargains on the market may have already found a buyer.

Source texte : ESPN



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