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Novak Djokovic defeated Mateo Berrettini at the ATP Final

“Vamos, Rafa!” – The final ATP tournament starts sensationally. The Spanish fan fiercely howls at the classic mini chant about Nadal. Everything would be fine, but the tournament is opened by Djokovic and Berrettini.

Vamosovy Rafa plays only tomorrow – he is in a group with Daniil Medvedev.
Well, in the O2 concert hall nowhere without concerts. Including unexpected – Spanish fans could not resist. Novak before his first serve at the last tournament of the year smiles lazily after hearing about Rafa – he serves and wins the first point of the first set.

In 02, in addition to the Persofans of Rafa, there are also enough Italian typhoses. Novak is supported somehow sluggishly – they say, Novak and Novak. And the beginner of the Final Berrettini is driven forward permanently – from the loud Italian cries of Forza, Matteo to the old-school British calls “Come on, man, come on!”.

02 chock – tennis has long been used to here. The final not the first year is held in London. By the way, there are not many posters in the city itself, but the most popular … Nadal's match against Tsitsipas. Apparently, the Persophans of Nadal proved themselves here too.

But Berrettini in the first set does not show itself at all in any way. Already in the first game on delivery of the Italian 0:30 – Matteo pulls it out, growls loudly, but this is about the last bright performance of the 8th racket of the world. In the starting party. At 2-3 and 30-40, Berrettini loses to the vintage Djokovic – the Serb drags a seemingly murderous forehand, after which Mateo makes a simple mistake.

2: 4 – and after five minutes already 2: 6. The first set is the know-how, as they say here in London. The audience is a little bored – a minimum of emotions, and even the Italian “forts” are quieter with every Mateo game lost. Berrettini looks like a stranger in the tournament of the coolest tennis players – but his fans are definitely no worse than Serbian ones.

At least something.

But: for 40 minutes of the game, the greatest delight among the stands is precisely Berrettini. At 0-15 and 0-1 in the second set, Mateo wins the arch-complicated rally with not the easiest mix – and this is really the first time that the audience gets high. Mateo himself urges fans to support him even more resonantly.

Berrettini himself can not cope – he immediately gives his pitch. And therefore, and again – somewhere we have already seen this scenario.

Novak pulls Berrettini into the "Djokovskoy" swamp to the fullest – Berrettini gets stuck in it without options. The terrible cannon from forehand almost does not pass – there are a lot of mistakes, and with Novak it is death. The Italian cannot crush the Serb with power – which means he cannot win. Djokovic composes combinations many times better than Berrettini – this was clear before the match.

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At 4-0, Djokovic unexpectedly and for the first time in a match gives up his serve – but he does it. Berrettini did nothing extraordinary, but he hears the extraordinary cries of happiness from Italian fans. And in general – Mateo began the year with the 54th racket of the world, and now makes a break with Djokovic at the Final tournament.

Top progress. There will be something to tell the grandchildren – well, at least for the children, the 23-year-old Mateo is far from the grandchildren.

As before the victory over Djokovic. At 1-4, Berrettini continues the collection of mistakes and let Novak play his tennis. Even on the first serve, where Mateo should dominate, he has less than 50 percent of the goals won – 47. When on the other half of the net Djokovic – even a set is unrealistic to win with such a percentage.

6: 2, 6: 1 – the everyday victory of the Serb.

If the vamos shouted at real Rafa, today would be many times more interesting. So far, Berrettini is playing the way the sensational participant of the Outcome should. In a bad way.

“Of course, I was nervous … Damn, this was my first Outcome in life! But I can’t say that I burned out. These were pleasant nerves, so to speak. I started the match well, won rallies. Novak just played better than me – what else can I say?

The court is pretty fast. You have to get used to it. For my forehand, it’s better when there’s more time to prepare the beat. Therefore, I could not put pressure on Novak. But this is not an excuse – there are very good conditions. Incredibly beautiful – there is darkness around, and the court is beautifully highlighted … Amazing, ”Berrettini said at a press conference.

It is good that the Italian finds positive even after a failed match. In the end, the Final play on the football system – Berrettini can still leave the group. All you need to beat Federer and Tim.

Business something.

ATP Final Tournament

Group stage. 1st round

Novak Djokovic (Serbia) – Matteo Berrettini (Italy) – 6: 2, 6: 1.

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