Nour Amr Diab reveals her true length and the places of piercing in her body!

Nour Amr Diab, the daughter of Egyptian artist Amr Diab and Egyptian actress Sherine Reda, opened the door for followers to ask questions about her, through the “Stories” feature through her own account on the social networking site.
A question emerged from one of the followers, who asked her about her true height, and about the places of the piercing in her body, and she replied: “My height is 161.5 cm, and I also provided that she has five rings in one of my ears, 4 in the other, one in my tongue and one in my stomach.”
On the other hand, one of the followers flirted with Nour’s beauty, and asked her about the secret of her beauty, and she said: “The secret of my beauty lies in the beauty of my parents and their genes, and I maintain my beauty by following a diet and applying a specific skin care routine and drinking an appropriate amount of water .. I do not express much on my face To keep it from wrinkles, I do not exaggerate in the use of cosmetics, and only apply sunscreen.”
Nour also promised the audience, so he opened her heart to them, and shared her personal experience with autism.
As for what concerns her at the present time, she confirmed that preparing for her wedding is a priority, as well as launching her own fashion line.



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