Notorious Basel impostor again in court

Tomato Markus they called him in jail. Because he worked in the prison nursery. And tomatoes thrived under his care. Basel Markus B.* (60) spent half his life behind bars because he is a notorious imposter and just can’t stop himself. Whenever he could enjoy his life in freedom, instead of working, he uses his talents solely to wrap other people around his finger and rip them off.

Now he’s done it again! At least 17 victims fell for him between 2016 and 2020. Amount of damage: 1.06 million francs! He killed a French woman for over half a million francs. He lived on their country estate, drove expensive cars, went on alleged “business trips”, had employees – people gave him money for this lifestyle, he promised hefty profits. It was nothing more than lies and fraud.



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